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  1. I forgot to say that my claim for PPI went to the ombudsman as empire claims weren't happy with WF's response so I think whatever I received must have been correct???
  2. It must have been the CCA I got. Although with that they must have sent me a statement covering the whole period as that's the one which has the wrong info re my payments each month is concerned. So once I've done the SAR and get the info back, what's the next step? And how do I handle them in the meantime? I have received a few default notices in the post and they've updated my credit file to say default. Many thanks again for your advice:)
  3. I can't remember about the PPI. Empire claims dealt with it for me. I definitely didn't get as much as £3,191.55 - I think I got £2,000-something?? I should have said in my last post that I did SAR them (at least I sent off £1 postal order requesting info on my account). First of all they said I needed to confirm who I was before they sent me info to which I replied that was nonsense as they have had no issue sending me info in the post before. They then sent me a copy of the agreement I signed. All of this was completed outside the timescale allowed. As far as the Land Registry
  4. Ok, so basically I took out the secured loan in April 2008. The amount of credit was for £14,329.09 (initially it was for £12k but as I already had a loan with them the extra amount was to pay that off so it was settled). They also added a further £3,491.55 for Insurances so total is £17,814.64. The insurances were for PPI (which I later reclaimed back), Homecare and Personal Accident Plan - I agreed to the PPI (under duress as I was told at the time if I didn't take it then I wouldn't get the loan). As far as the Homecare (£125.00) and Personal Accident Plan (£125.00) is concerned, I
  5. Ok no probs. Will take me a while to type out so if you bear with me I will go on my computer (using my phone at the moment) and will reply to you soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me.
  6. Where to start lol?'! What would be the best way to provide it? I can scan and email ally documentation?
  7. Hello Was hoping somebody could help me work out if my loan is unenforceable? There seems to be a lot of discrepancies on my paperwork. Really could do with advice. I've also learned that WF have never placed a charge on the property. I'm in arrears (last payment made in Jan 13) and am getting hounded by them. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi Kirmistan I did indeed. I was gonna send a copy along with a letter telling them to get stuffed!
  9. Does anyone know the answer to this?In November I settled a catalogue account. It had been in arrears for a few years but we came to an agreement that I would pay them a certain amount every month which I did (to Reliable Collections? until November when I received some money and decided to pay it off.Then a couple of months ago I received a letter to say due to a computer glitch they have realised they didn't lift my October payment and therefore I owe this to them. They are right in sayin there was no payment made to them in oct as I looked through my bank statement. I think there was insuff
  10. Can't believe nobody can help me with this! C'mon guys!
  11. Hey everyone I'm new to this and really need some help! Please direct me to the correct place if needs be! I took out a 'secured' loan with Welcome in April 2008. I put the word 'secured' in inverted comas as i recently went to the land registry office to see of there are any charges on my property and the only charge is my mortgage provider! Since taking out the loan, every payment has been made on time until January 2013 when my husband lost his job. After doing some jigging about with our finances, my husband looked at my credit agreement and statements etc from welcome and
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