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  1. yes, a substantial amount of money, from what I can afford to pay them it will never get paid off in my lifetime on one and slightly less on the other one. They are managed by two diffeerent companies the larger debt is from a company who are pretty easy to deal with when it comes to DCA the other one are more persistant if you are a day late you get 20 phone calls.
  2. First time on the forum but hoping someone can clarify info for me please. Ive looked recently at my credit file and there are a couple of defaults dating back to 2007, obviously I now know they will be removed after 6 years but I am paying a DCA every month towards these debts as they were sold on to them from the original creditor. Financially things still arent good but what rights do they have to take me to court if I can no longer continue to repay them seems as they are not my original creditor. I am getting to my wits end trying to maintain payments and every day bills......... Id a
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