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  1. Hi there Emmzzi, Thank you for your response. In answer to your question..........Two of the complaints relate to a situation which occurred 1 year ago. These complaints relate to the fact that I challenged two colleagues following their dangerous behaviour which resulted in a near miss situation with a customer. (Please note these colleagues did not express any dissatisfaction at the time or afterwards. However, 1 year later, this has now become an issue) Three complaints relate to how I am perceived to delegate work. Please note this perception is not that of the complainants, but supposedly other staff members perception, of which they are relaying. The other four are centred on the belief that I'm lacking in customer service skills, yet I've never received a complaint from any customers. Furthermore, I'm the one who is always receiving thank you gifts. The remaining 5 complaints, I haven't been given any details whatsoever about them. In answer to your question, there is nothing of substance in the complaints. There is absolutely no evidence to back up any of their allegations. Hence, my complete dissatisfaction with the entire matter. I have real issues with their promise to provide signed statements and their u-turn on this decision after weeks of deliberating. This reeks of something untoward and I believe this to be questionable. Thanks again.
  2. Hello there, A few months ago, I made a complaint against my manager at work. This complaint was sent to him so as to give him the opportunity to address my concerns. I provided overwhelming evidence to support the fact that he has been treating me unfairly. After he received my complaint, he appeared somewhat remorseful. I know this reaction was due to the overwhelming facts that I presented him with. He later agreed to dealing with the issues between us and a date was eventually set for this discussion. However, sometime later, (prior to the proposed discussion with my manager), I was called by the head of department who informed me that several members of staff (14 people) had made complaints about me. (Please note I’ve had an impeccable record in my work and have never received any complaints prior). All these complaints were supposedly received by my manager (whom I had complained about). I immediately recognised retaliation and a complete set up. I requested for statements from all these complainants, (as apparently) these numerous complaints were all lodged verbally. Eventually, I received only 9 unsigned statements. The other 5 were not mentioned or accounted for. I proceeded to request for signatures for these complaints. I clearly stated that I would not respond to these complaints unless they were signed. I was told that I would be in receipt of these signed statements by a certain date. Following this, I received several pathetic excuses and promises that these signed statements would be sent to me. However, these were never sent. Eventually, after weeks of procrastination from my head of department, I was told that the company is not obliged to provide signatures. In my opinion, this entire matter reeks of foul play. The fact that they agreed to sending signed statements, and then retracted this decision, weeks later, strongly suggests that the complaints are malicious and trumped up, as I've maintained right from the onset. I genuinely believe these complaints are without merit and this belief has been strengthened by them refusing to provide signed statements, despite their original promise to do so. My head of department is insisting on progressing with the investigation, even in the absence of my response to these allegations. I feel this is very unfair as they have failed to provide signatures to complaints that they deem to be valid and genuine. What are my options? I’m at my wits end. I’ll be grateful for any advice on this matter. Many thanks in advance.
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