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  1. Hello Good sister, Yes it is related, I paid the bill but they have defaulted my account and effected my credit score. They are now refusing to take it off my credit score. I did explain that I wouldn't pay my bill until the dispute over my bill got sorted out. Do you know who I can contact to seek advise about this please. Thank you.
  2. Hi ericsbrother (like the name by the way ) Thanks for your reply. Shouldn't they have record of who has permits in the area? I meant to say shouldn't they have information about who has a permit on the machine they carry round with them?
  3. Hi hope you can help. I have a parking permit to park on the road outside my house because otherwise I would get a pcn. Recently the permit came off the dashboard & I got a parking ticket when I disputed it they said I would still have to pay it because it was not properly displayed. the next time I tucked it between the dash & the window but it had slipped down a little further so you couldn't see the date properly. Now I have received another pcn is there anything I can do? Thanks
  4. Hi hope you can help A friend of mine works as a seemstress she is Bulgarian & employs a few members of staff to help her in her busy shop. All her employees work as self employed. In October 2015 she employed a woman who doesnt speak English who lives with her daughter who speaks adequate English. My friend asked this person many times to provide her with her tax & NI number so that she could register her for tax. Cut a long story short she refused to give it to her eventually resulting in my friend refusing to pay her the last months wages until she supplied her with the necessary information required. Apparently this women does not want to give her the necessary information because she lives with her daughter who is getting benefits (housing benefit & child benefits) & these benefits will be reduced if the income is declared. Does anyone have any ideas what to do here
  5. Hi I hope someone can help me? Sometime ago I got into despite with Welsh Water as I was paying more for my water rates then my neighbors I didn't pay my bill for some months while this was being discussed. They have now put a default on my account which has taken my credit score from being at the top to 11 points away from being a poor score
  6. Thank you for your advice I telephoned them, paid the bill and got it all sorted over a morning coffee - no sweat
  7. Hi I wonder if someone could help me? I've had a wart on my finger for quite sometime, my NHS doctors tried freezing it with a nitrogen gun on a few occasions which didn't work & I tried various ointments I purchased at the chemist or online plus various alternative methods but the wart just got bigger. My last visit to the doctor I was told that I would have to go private because the NHS didn't cover the removal of warts. I paid to see a private consultant who prescribed me a stronger acid treatment the prescription of which has been referred to my NHS doctor who apparently can prescribe it for me. So why couldn't my doctor prescribe it for me in the first place. Why did it cost me £155.00 to get my NHS doctor to give me something they could've given me in the first place...? :
  8. Hi hope you can help! Sometime ago I contacted Welsh Water as I discovered that my neighbor who has the same type of house (in reverse) as I was paying less water rates than myself, as well as my other neighbor & a house up the road that had two bathrooms & a utility. They told me that all my neighbors were on a water meter which isn't true because I asked them. Welsh Water refused to acknowledge this and later as I had decided to move I paid my bill up until my leaving date & put the matter behind me. The house I was moving to fell through so I ended up staying. I forgot to inform Welsh Water and recently they sent a letter to this address 'to the occupier' requesting that the present tenant register with them. The present tenant is still me Any advice on what I need to do please?
  9. Hi ericsbrother, Thanks for replying, I was just a bit worried because I haven't received a letter from a debt recovery organisation before. Thanks for your reply Thanks Caro, was just a bit concerned as I haven't had a letter from a debt recovery company before.
  10. Corporate services own the car park and DRP dept recovery plus ltd sent the letter. I was a bit worried because it's gone onto a debt collection agency
  11. Help! I received a letter yesterday this is what it said: (please see attached photograph). I would be grateful of any help anyone can give about this. The original parking ticket occurred sometime ago when I parked on the said private parking area. I hadn't displayed my ticket correctly, being in a rush at the time i displayed the back rather than the front. i received a letter charging me the usual amount which I stupidly ignored and have since mislaid the ticket It has been so long since the first letter, I haven't received any other letters till this one claiming now £160.00 and threats of court action. Please parking.pdf
  12. Hi, I'm not on a water meter & some of my neighbours are and some are not. My research goes beyond this area to other areas as well (who are not on a water meter). I am told this area is on the lowest tariff possible for water so I'm perplexed how their paying less than me for a 3/4 bed house.
  13. Yes thank you for your response. I will email them. Will it be clear where I need to direct the complaint do you happen to know?
  14. Hello, I'm sorry I didn't follow up with any further action with Swalec they made it all so complicated to get to the bottom of with service charges changing etc. that in the end I paid them and switched my provider. I just got more and confused with the bills and where the charges were coming from I just wanted an end to it! I feel sad that I don't feel able to trust utility providers at all Thank you very much for replying to my message and offering to help. I really appreciate it
  15. Hi, I've been trying to despute my water bill with Welsh Water as I feel I'm being over charged. In a recent conversation with a representative I was told that my property was on the lowest tariff I am still paying more than my neighbors & friends in much bigger properties. I pay £32.00 per month but my neighbors are paying between £18.00 & £22.00 per month. Is there a higher complaints procedure I can go through to get myself heard as so far I've been met by unsatisfactory excuses as to why I pay more. Thank you for your time.
  16. Hi ericsbrother, thanks for your reply. every meter reading was read by the meter reading person so completely accurate. It was the unit price that went up without them informing me that was going to happen. When I confronted them a year later they said they would give me a refund and put me back on the cheaper tariff. After which I had a serious of family difficulties and I couldn't face contacting them again until now - in the meantime they've been billing me higher and higher for about the same usage. I live on my own in a small house that only has a shower and a good heating system my friend who owns a four bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and uses a dryer and a dishwasher pays less than I do.
  17. Hi Good Sister, Thanks for your reply. As I said in my thread - the £100 good will gesture leaves me with £20 according to their calculations. I am disagreeing with their calculations.
  18. Sorry it's taken me so long to return to this thread. I've just felt so overwhelmed by all the effort I've had to go through in so many ways just to get these big corporations to treat me fairly and I just feel like all of these companies are a big foot squashing me down or like the bully in the play ground trying to distort money out of me. ok ok I am sounding like a victim here but I do feel like I am being treated as one The long and short of this message is that DVLA have told me that was all I was entitled to because I HADN'T INFORMED THEM SOONER. I was informed that they automatically refund tax when the car was written off! Please can anyone help :?: I just think it is sooooo unfair that DVLA are entitled to keep the money I have spent on road tax for a car that wasn't on the road using that tax whilst paying for another car that I was using on the road. Is this new law designed to extort as much money out of us as they possibly can
  19. Hi hope you can help About a year ago I discovered that SWALEC had increased the price of electric and gas on my bill without notifying me of this change. When I discovered this I contacted them and the representative said he was going to refund me the amount i had overpaid and put me back on a lower tariff. This didn't happen. In the meantime i've been dealing with a personal tragedy and have only just found the guts to face them again as I have gone from paying £30.00 per month to £105.00 in the last two years. :mad2: I live alone in a small house that has a very efficient heating system (underfloor heating downstairs) two radiators upstairs. I don't have a dryer or a bath (just a shower). I pay more for my little set up than my friend who runs a big four bedroom house, two bathrooms, dishwasher etc! I contacted SWALEC recently and made a complaint, they told me this : " We have investigated your concerns, I understand that you tariff wasn’t changed on 23rd October 2014 because the advisor you spoke to has noted that you were given a projection on prices however were going to consider your options and then call back. Since then we hadn’t had any records that you had called to change your tariff however I understand you had thought on the call on 23/10 that in fact you had changed tariff on this date. When changing a tariff we do have to go through terms and conditions however this was detailed in the note. Douglas has looked at the difference between the tariffs and I can confirm that if you had changed on 23/10/2014 you would have saved £23.90 on the gas and £29.20 on the electric, however we have offered £100 goodwill instead due to the fact your tariff wasn’t changed and you advised you were never informed of any price changes since your account opened. Please advise if you wish for me to add the £100 goodwill payment? Dougie will call you on Monday 14th December 2015 to progress your complaint". I am totally confused And feel completely overwhelmed and victimised by this company According to SWALEC I am in debt to them by so much that the £100 goodwill payment will leave with about £20.00 Is there anything I can do Thank you for your time.
  20. Lol! No it was £100 + I don't remember exactly how much but it was more than £100.
  21. Hi, hope you can help? Recently, I had to replace my vehicle after it was written off. When it cam to get the tax back on it they only gave me £12.00 when there was 5 or 6 months left on it. Is this right??
  22. Hi, hope you can help? Recently I received a letter from Toyota advising me that they have identified a possible safety issue regarding my vehicle. They have found that the front passenger airbag inflator may have been assembled with improperly manufactured propellant wafers. This could cause the airbag inflator to rupture and deploy abnormally in a crash. My vehicle has had full Toyota service history, the last service was October last year when this wasn't picked up then. I'm wondering what I should do about this? Thank you for your time.
  23. Hi, thank you for your advice. Would you suggest it is better to ignore them then? AD Thank you for your advice much appreciated
  24. Hi, thanks for your reply. Your answer is different to silver fox 1961 who is suggesting they might take me to court. If this is true could the debt effect my credit score? Thanks Hi, I don't remember the date of the original ticket & I can't recall ever receiving a notification in the post of the fine. In fact, I no longer own the vehicle. Would you mind advising me what to do in this instance? Thank you.
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