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  1. I wouldn't use a company but I've got no idea about account numbers or dates as OH used to throw out all his letters so I've only got access to DCA letters for the last couple of years. I suspect there's an annual statement in the pile which might have an account number on it, presumably I'd have to SAR Halifax to find out what was paid and they might not tell us because it was over six years ago. Still might be worth a shot though.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yes the debt is absolutely 100% statute barred, for nearly a year now. I am not 100% sure if it has been sold, it is still with the first DCA to have it. I haven't had any contact with them until now but they sent a letter offering 5%, so I called and said if they sent a letter confirming it was F&F I'd pay it. Debt was originally with Halifax, DCA is 1st Credit. Is that likely to have been sold? No, I just mentioned it on the phone because they started wanting I&E and I wasn't interested, I said they could take it or leave it. They
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone has experienced this? My OH had a bank loan and defaulted on it seven years ago. The amount he owed was around ten thousand (with all sorts of fees) and that is the amount the DCAs chased us for. He recently got an offer from the DCA to (F&F) settle for 5%, or less than £500. I know the debt is statute barred but we can just about afford this and it will put an end to constant reselling and pestering when it cycles round again and again. At the same time, he keeps getting letters from the original lender about reclaiming PPI. This would be
  4. I have just recently checked my Equifax report to check that all is well and United Utilities is now showing the last five months status. I am up to date with my water bill but this account was opened in July 2000 and I have never signed a credit agreement with them or given them my date of birth
  5. Righto then, no point asking for trouble when trouble will find us if it wants to. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks very much for the help, it's reassuring It's the same job and company he worked for before he got sick, they took him back when his diagnosis and medication were sorted out enough for him to work again. He hasn't got a hope of working for anyone else in this job market with a recent five year sick leave so we'll have to like or lump whatever they say about this debt. I might CCA them all this year just to show we're trying to deal with it?
  7. Hi, thank you for your help. SC refers to the security clearance a lot of companies use for sensitive jobs, they check criminal history and financial records etc. He works for a govt. contractor.
  8. My husband went through Security Clearance recently after more than five years off work due to sickness, going back to the same job he had before. He wrote a completely honest covering letter explaining how the debt happened when he went off sick and how PPI should have kicked in to cover it but he didn't get a diagnosis for three years. He had around £18k in debt, more than a years wages. No company has ever taken him to court so no CCJs, but a couple are still on credit reference agency files for around £9k. He told them about all of it though, just in case. All
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