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  1. Hi David, Thanks for your response I will be emailing you shortly. If it is your company can you tell me what your policy is in terms of past charges is there a law about this that safeguards the consumer?? Thanks
  2. Hi All I hope this is the appropriate place to post this subject/issue if not i apologise. I need some help and advice to a major problem. I have not received any electricity bills for over 5 years or so ever since i moved in to the property. When I moved in I tried to find out who my supplier was, but got nowhere as I was passed from pillar to post, some said that the address/ flat didn't exist etc etc. To this day I have not received any correspondence from the supplier who I am not sure on who it maybe I think it might be EON or npower or scottish power. Naturally I want to start paying as this is getting to me as I am terrified at the prospect of receiving a large bill for back dated one. Is there a law to safe guard the consumer on this is not my fault but the fault of the supplier not providing me a proper service?? Please can you answer this question as it is very concerning. Please can you help and let me know what my rights are. Any if anyone similar had problems with the above providing and how it was dealt and weather you had to pay all the backdated years too. Please let me know. Thanks in advance. Simon
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