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  1. would it surprise anyone to learn I can neither find the original capone t&c's nor get a copy from capone?!!!
  2. Thanks for that Still - I appreciate your advice and am going to take it. Over the last couple of days of sheer panic I think I've sorted it my head now & am just printing all docs off to get to court & capone for the 14day deadline. I keeping trying to contact anyone/someone at capone legal department but they never answer or are on holiday! Says it all really... Zsazsa
  3. I'm still in a complete flummox about this court thing with these crappy capone peeps! I either need help, reassurance or a heafty drink if anyone's reading....! I understand the concept of seeking interest in restitution and that on that basis their defence is flawed; so yesterday I went through every statement they kindly supplied (lumped in with their ammended defence) & worked out the compounded contractual interest for each penalty using each different interest rate in force at the time of each charge, just so they can'y say it's not right. One question - If I show the ammende
  4. Ok - thinking/writing aloud here - under capone's ammended defence - current position, subsection - contractual purchase interest, no 22 - defendant's allocation of payments - firstly they say payments are allocated to outstanding default fees - in my last stint in court with MBNA I think it was, in Leeds (big group of bank cases all lumped together & heard at same time in the Mercantile court) the judge actually pointed out to me, as he was questioning me, that usually any 'goodwill payments' be taken off accrued interest so that the original debt/fee still carry on accruing interes
  5. right Ok got it - I'm sorry if I sound a bit thick, not normally!
  6. Hi Still - well I've been reading all those threads you told me to & now I do understand far better, although that's thrown something else up - I'm just getting my court bundle ready which needs to be lodged by Friday 20th - I've claimed the charge + 25.39% compound interest + s69 interest @ 8% as I didn't realise I could actually claim that last bit at the same contractual rate of 25.39% following the ineterest in restitution thing. (Just double-checking & that rate of 25.39% was used as that was what it was at at the time of the initial claim, although there were some f
  7. well thank you M - this is the bit you need nerves of steel for though & to be honest it's a couple of years since I did my own claims & following all the advice & templates etc to the letter and with the support from everyone on here it almost seemed a doddle. That was the banks though & I was at hell for leather, as well as completely clued up but since that test case & as well as this being a credit card which is slightly different, as a result I'm bricking it this time ! To expand on the bankground a little - did everything in the order advised, received the us
  8. http://i786.photobucket.com/albums/yy143/zsazsag1/Capital%20One%20Documents/AmmendedDefence1.jpg http://i786.photobucket.com/albums/yy143/zsazsag1/Capital%20One%20Documents/AmmendedDefence2.jpg http://i786.photobucket.com/albums/yy143/zsazsag1/Capital%20One%20Documents/AmmendedDefence3.jpg http://i786.photobucket.com/albums/yy143/zsazsag1/Capital%20One%20Documents/AmmendedDefence4.jpg http://i786.photobucket.com/albums/yy143/zsazsag1/Capital%20One%20Documents/AmmendedDefence5.jpg And those are the direct links to each page so they can be seen properly.....
  9. The ammended defence from Capital One - I appreciate what you say about not being an expert, but also know that when you've got several claims running you're 'in the zone' and you're advice is real as opposed to text book - which is great for the likes of me & everyone else on here, so many thanks for your time again - it's really appreciated.
  10. Thank you Still_surviving - I really appreciate your help & support in this. Yes cap one have told me my calculations are incorrect & I'm just going to upload their ammended defence so you can see- as I understand it, they're saying what they said in the original defence but with more words, just trying to put us off & blind us with science. I'm just getting my bundle for court ready - court date 3rd September& I hope they don't turn up! I've done the full bundle before, although that was before the OFT test case & with a bank, so I'll obviously check everything as
  11. Long Story short - I'm claiming on behalf of my mum against Capital One. It's been a couple of years to get to this point & I've had 3-4 successful claims against Halifax, HSBC, RBS (donations very gladly made through this site in the past at the time) & thought doing Cap One would be similar, although with Cap One this time, with it being a credit card I claimed contractual interest. I need to ask a couple of questions as the bullying tactics have begun to wear me down properly now! I claimed the following - A. Default Sums B.Associated contractual Interest on defau
  12. Oh Hell! Stuck again! At the end of witness statement to the maths bit. I normally haven't a problem with this but I've tied myself in knots. The original claim was 4655.40 plus interest which was 1073.09 - total 5728.49 with court costs on top. LTSB made 2 payments totalling 4290.98 so I'm still claiming for the balance & the unpaid court costs which is 1518.89 plus 400.00 costs. On the spread sheet I deducted the 2 payments from the charges column as opposed to interest column first (judge said lawyers reduce interest over capital but I couldn't work out how to do that at the t
  13. Errr - Lloyds as far as I know - they just keep spending the overdraft fees on updating the local bank! Looks nice - nowhere to sit though - standing room only! LOL
  14. Ohhh Gary! - another query - I'm sorry to be a pain & promise to go away soon! Witness statement - Breach of contract - unfortunately my mother's LTSB account pre-dates 1998 considerably & she can't remember what the original overdraft limit was - although I do have the figure that applies currently - shall I modify that section to show that the figure is the current overdraft limit - I know she always had one - but obviously the amount has risen over the years the account has been operated. Also - after speaking to the chancery department in Leeds again I think I've sorted
  15. Thanks Gary - I'll call the chancery department again & just double check that the witness statement document they expect to receive would really need to be so thick or if the disclosure list would cover those points referred to. I checked with them yesterday as to whether they'd receieved anything from LTSB & as previously thought nothing what so ever. Not a jot in fact, so I mentioned that I'd be including a letter to the Judge advising that LTSB hadn't comlplied with any points on the order. The lady speaking to me wasn't surprised about that but was surprised they hadn't alrea
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