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  1. thank you very much , this is all new to me, I appreciate your comments
  2. hello can anybody advise ? I was wrongly accused of fare evasion on a first capital connect train, a court summons date was sent through and I intended to plead not guilty, however I have communicated with the prosecutions dept and they have agreed to settle out of court. It has been very stressful But I am just so relieved it is all over.............except they inform me that the court case on the said date will still go ahead and that they will have a representative there who will stand up and say case withdrawn when my case comes up. I have had nothing in writing from them and due to how this whole episode has come about am completely distrustful of the justice system, has anybody else had experience of this procedure, because it seems odd to me that they would waste time and money like this when I would have thought it more sensible to just cancel the court case. any advice would be appreciated
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