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  1. Hi Thank you so mu ch everyone for your help. I can get back to them fully armed now. I must say I did sleep better last night knowing someone wasnt going to come up and take my car. Do they need to get a CCJ ? against me for that to happen??? Thanks Charlie
  2. I do get annual statements from them yes.
  3. Hi I'm mentioning the car because its the only asset that I have. I live in rented accomodation and have no savings they can take off me but I do own a car and I really need it and am worried they will send somebody to sieze it to repay them. Thanks Charlie
  4. Hi I've been paying the Link/Wescot MBNA for over 10 years and have probably been paying the other two for 4 years. I was keeping up the repayments on them (loan and credit card) until I found out I was pregnant with my second child and had to give up work for maternity leave, I telephoned them both and they reduced the payments for me but my MS got worse and I couldnt go back to work hence here I am in this situation. I do have a car but I need it to run my children to school and the childminder as I am unable to walk very far. Charlie
  5. Hi Sent CCA request last week. As well as Link I owe Wescot/MBNA £11100, Wescot/Sainsburys £11,000 ish, MINT £8,700. I have just closed my Nat west account as Mint were looking at all trEbay or Amazon and telling me I was incompetent with money! I buy the children second hand clothes on ebay and use Amazon when the children are sent vouchers. Thanks for your help. Charlie
  6. Hi Yes I sent that letter straight away but at the moment their mail goes to my parent's address they haven't got my new address but I cant understand how they managed to find my new phone number. I have changed name and address since the debt started (marriage). I am paying them more than I should be when I work out with National Debtline my ins and outs and money for creditors Can I just ignore them and keep paying the £15 and if I do will they go away? Thanks Charlie
  7. Hi I hope somebody can help me. I have a debt of c £2,700 which I presume Link bought from MBNA. I have been paying £15 per month for over 10 years and they have now all of a sudden started telephoning me. I dont know how they have my number as it is ex directory and in a different name to the debt. I no longer work and am disabled and really cannot afford the £15 but keep paying just to try to pay the debt off. I owe over £30k in total as I had to give up work due to ill health and I have two very small children also. I have MS and this is making me ill with worry. Please can somebody help and give me some advice. I have sent the letter asking them to confirm that they own the debt but I am now frightened to answer the phone in case its them. Help help help please. Thank you Charlie Do you think I would be better declaring bankruptcy?
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