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  1. I had a contractual agreement with an organisation with a company in Uganda and they have not paid me for my services. I have obtained a judgement in that country and the company still refuses to remunerate me for my services what are my options in terms of enforcement if I am a UK national can I take steps to obtain a judgemnt in the UK and if so how?
  2. thaks guys I got the car back by simply phoning the police they put pressure on him he wet himself and released the cars and the keys miraculously appeared
  3. hi he gave the car back the next day and miraculously the keys appeared from nowhere when the police came but it cost me £100 or so pounds to get all my stuff removed to another garage thanks guys im not sure whether it would be cost effective because to lodge the claim would be more than the cost of removal and inconvenience but ill send a etter just in case and see what he says
  4. the police have spoken to him and the stupid idiot folded folded and told the police he will make arrangements for me to get my car back tomorrow. I will now need to arrange for a recovery truck to come and collect the car and send it to another garage. If he does not give me back my keys with the cars I guess i will should still draft the letter before action in case he continues to act like a moron? so I will be ready eiuther way to lodge my claim
  5. thanks I am going to draft the letter tonight once I have gone to the police, i went there to show him my docs and say can he release my car he told me "you will get your car when I am ready" on that note I will go and report him He is still claiming he does not know where my keys are and trying to say they are probably lost in the garage. I told him that I need my stuff back including my keys. He siad you will get it when I am good and ready. The mechanic was half way thorough finishing my car and would have finished putting the car back together by the end of last week if all this had not happened. I told him that if he does not give me back my car and only my belongings I will report him to the police. Will I need to use the N1 claim form or is there a different form. The car is valued at £6500 so it would not amount to a small claim would it its a fast track claim? Either way I would be reclaiming the costs of all work undertaken against him. Thanks for all the help people it is much appreciated
  6. i thought the landlord would not need to issue a claim for possession given that it is a commercial property and all they would need to do is serve notice and use certified bailiffs
  7. so essentailly I would need to send a letter before action is there any part of the Wrongful (Interference With Goods) Act 1977 that i would nee dto refer to?
  8. the mechnic went back the next day aftyer the landlord had locked up the garage and removed the apdlock and found that all the keys for the cars had been taken and also some of his personal possessions so it has been going on for a few days and the police have now warned my mechanic that if he goes back in and works form there they will arrest him he has now gone to seek legal advice regarding the eviction but i am left in the middle and I just want to get my car back and the keys the landlord has indicated that he has my keys but in front of the police has said he does not know anything about my kesy he is trying to be clever
  9. thanks I will go to the police today but he is claiming that he does not have my car keys so what do i do about that? and would i lodge a small claim against him in the county court
  10. I have not notified the police that he refused to return my car yet but i have told the police at the scene that my keys have been stolen and they have taken my details and they have stated that they will relay the matter back to their superior and get back in touch with me. Should I contact the police and inform them that he will not return my car?
  11. I had sent my car to a mechanic to get it fixed. Unfortunately the mechanic and his landlord have had a dispute over the rent lawfully due and the landlord has now decided to lock the garage and has taken the keys to my car. The landlord claims not to have taken anything from inside the garage and only secured the garage with his own padlock. My mechanic has not been able t access the garage and the police have refused my mechanic from re-entering the garage. I am therefore unable to retrieve my possessions. I have agreed with my mechanic that I can have my car back and will not owe them any money. My mechanic was unaware that the landlord had came and taken my keys and locked the garage. I have spoken to the Landlord of the building ad he claims not ot have the keys to my car. In addition the landlord has stated that he will only allow me to have my car back once he is able to obtain a copy of my logbook and drivers license. I have tried to contact him to arrange a date to regain possession of my items and he is giving me the run around. I feel that he is messing me around and I do not believe that he should have a copy of my logbook and drivers license especially as I think he he has the keys to my car and come steal my car at any time in the future if I was to get a spare key cut. My car is now impounded in the garage and the landlord does not appear to be forthcoming in allowing me to regain my possessions. He has told me he will only return my car at a date and time of his discretion. I feel powerless and given that this would appear to be a civil matter I can not even got to the police or can I report him for theft? I want to know what legal action can I take and what part of the law am i protected by. I need to do something asap Can someone help me
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