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  1. Hi guys, Just to add the debt is also only in my name.
  2. Hi all, No charge, not got yet , just applied for. The house is in my name only, living alone with my son here 3 nights per week min. Should I see a solicitor if so what is the time frame. Also the house is 25K in negative equity. Thanks all for the help
  3. Hi everyone, First time on here any help would be greatly appreciated. Had a credit card with Virgin , MBNA, and ended up with just under 6000 owing on it. Self employed and ended up not being able to pay monthly repayments. After debt being sold to god knows how many different companies ended up with IDR finance from Wales. Made offers of payments, all refused. Below is a time line of following events, really worried now and don't really know what to do or who to turn to. SEPT 2012 sent claim form for CCJ from Northampton County Court.(admitted full liability) OCT 2012 Judgmen
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