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  1. no i had just forgot to inform them and just wondered if it was worth telling them my actual start date or just put down the date i told them in my letter. i just wanted to know if hmrc contact the employer to confirm start dates thankyou
  2. wont they want to know why considering i started work in november i am only just telling them in february
  3. im going to be honest here. i wrote them a letter because i thought that would get me out of telling them my employers details(which is when they sent me the form asking me for more details) telling them i had started the beginning of feb 2013 but i had actually started the beginning of nov 2012. shall i be honest and put the real start date on this form or just put the start date i told them in the letter and hope that they do not check? if i put the real start date,wont they want to know why i lied? thankyou
  4. Hi. I have recently started work (not enough hours to claim working tax but i do claim child tax for my 2 children) and have had a form from tax credits asking me for employers details and the date i started working for them. Does anyone know if hmrc will contact my employer to confirm my start date,pay rates etc once they've received my form? many thanks
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