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  1. Sorry but I disagree. I have had no help from opos whatsoever and the person who I have been dealing with is very rude, intimidating and agressive.
  2. My dmc are dealing with opos/mini credit to a certain degree but I don't know if they'll get them to reduce the balance and there's no way I'm giviung them nearly €2000 when the loan was only for €200
  3. I am in the same situation and today I have received a letter from Opos with a NOTICE OF INTENDED ACTION. My original £200 loan has now increased to £1,946.00 and they are demanding full payment otherwise failure to adhered to the notice will result in my account beiing passed to a DRS for further action where enforcement action will be considered in the event of a decree/county court judgement being secured against me, which will include my employer receiving an arrestment/attachement order or an inhibition/charging order on my property. I am passing the letter onto my Debt Management Company but I am still concerned/worried. I have no intention of paying back the amount they are asking for, but I don't know how to go about informing them of this as although I am with a DMC, I don't think they will fight my battle with Opos/Minicredit and get my balance reduced. So do I deal with them myself and tell them I will only pay the amount of the initial loan + 1months charges and will pay this back over so many months e.g. set up a repayment plan. This whole situation is really stressing me out and if I knew when I applied for the loan, how much I would end up paying, I would never have used Mini Credit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have also had the same email and don't know what to do next.
  5. I haven't heard anything from opos since monday but tonight at 9.14pm I got an email from them. It was a very long email but too try and cut it short, it claimed that I had failed to get in touch with them (which is a lie as I spoke with them on monday and clearly explained my financial situation) and could I contact them immediately to discuss my situation and to set up a repayment plan. Failure to do so would result in a decree/ccj being served and my employer would be sent forms so payment would come out of my wages and/or repocession of my property. I am going to forward the email onto my dmc but obviously the content of this has seriously worried me again. Also my original loan was for £200 but they are saying owe £1950 - where do I stand with not paying the charges that they keep adding on?
  6. Hi, I am in the same situation as you as I took out a minicredit payday loan with every intention of paying the loan straight off in full, but unfortunately due to my work hours being cut I was unable to do this. I passed the loan onto a Debt Management Company who have agreed to handle this, but Minicredit have passed my account onto Opos and they are now saying that they are going to prosecute due to fraud. I have tried to explain to them that this is not the case and due to a change in my financial situation, the loan could not be paid. The loan was originally for £200, but the outstanding balance stands at near to £1,000, but this could be more as Minicredit have blocked my account so I cannot check on their website. THe man who has been contacting me from Opos is very agressive and initimidating and when I finally plucked up the courage to ring him back, I informed him of this and all he said was 'I'm a professional'. He kept phoning me at work and when I said I could not speak to him because I was at work, he got even more aggressive. I too felt very frightened to speak to them, but my DMC advised me to speak to them, just so Opos could produce a report, so I did finally ring them today and spoke to the very aggressive man, but he asked me no questions whatsoever. All he asked is whether I had done anything to help the situation I was in, to which I told him I had passed everything onto my DMC, but he then turned it round and said I'm not bothered about the payment side of things, I am talking about the fraud. but then in the next sentence he asked if i had done anything in regards to paying the outstanding balance off! He really contridicated himself. Again he was very rude and the conversation ended with him saying 'I will get back in touch with my client (MiniCredit) who will then begin prosecution charges'. Obviously this has really worried me and I am at a loss of what else to do or how far this company will actually go. Any advice and/or support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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