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  1. Oh right okay! I suppose it’s rather complicated in my situation, as I’m not actually starting a new job as such, rather it’s a new position in the same company.
  2. Okay gotcha, you have to excuse me, iv never claimed benefits so I haven’t a foggiest about what to claim etc etc.. okay then i shall look into it. In regards to volunteering a lower paid job.. yes that’s kinda what I was concerned about too. Hopefully I’ll be entitled to something, i kinda need all the help I can get lol!!
  3. Ah okay mate, sorry if I sound daft, but do you mean, Ipswich is a uc area as of April gone or April next year? I haven’t yet got a start date as I’m awaiting a course date to be announced, but I have been trying to bank some extra cash ready for the big day. It is worrying though as I know my monthly wages wouldn’t even cover my rent for the 1st 3months!! But will all be worth it in the long run!
  4. Thank you for the reply. Oh okay, we’ll if it’s any help, I live in Ipswich Suffolk.
  5. Hi all. Just a quick query. I’m due to leave a well paid position at my company to begin training in another position in the same company, in order to better myself, the problem is the training wage is very low for the first 11weeks then rise slightly as I progress through the training. My question is, as my previous position was well paid, I wasn’t entitled to tax credits, now I’m due to begin training in approximately March time next year. If and when I declare my new salary to hmrc, will I automatically be entitled to tax credits there and then or will I have to wait until the new tax year in April? My earnings for tax year 2018 to 2019 will be over the entitlement limit by the time we get to March 2019, so I wasn’t sure how it worked. Also do they take into account salary sacrifice benefits that I have taken advantage of at my company? I.e, would I declare my salary minus the salary sacrifice? Thank you very much in advance
  6. Hi, I’m not sure if I’m on the right forum or not but here goes. After a lot of thought, we are considering the possibility of starting a shared mortgage with our next door neighbours whom we are very good friends with, we would be looking for a 6 bedroom house as we have four kids between us. Now my problem is that I haven’t got great credit, past mistakes of being reckless etc, which I’m slowly but surely paying away . I have no ccj’s but do have a number of defaults, the last issued default being approximately 4-5years ago. I have a next account that we regularly use and have been sensible with, which I hope shows that I’m managing my credit better than in the past. My question is though, will I be a liability in a joint mortgage application? Even if the other applicant has good credit? Thanks in advance
  7. Well my defence has been submitted. I had to do it online, as I received the court summons as redirected post from my previous address ( recently moved house ), I had like 1 day to get the forms to court!!! But all done now. I stated what you posted, let's wait and see what the outcome is! Cheers guys!!
  8. So in simple terms ( you'll have to excuse me, I'm not very clued up on these things ). I acknowledge the claim, fill out the form stating I defend the claim. Then go on to say I was not the driver at the time of the supposed offence. Should I also mention that the car park was a free carpal to park in? Just kinda need to know the correct info to state in the defence section. Cheers guys
  9. Hi guys me again!! Well after a recent house move, I have just received some redirected post from my previous address, in which includes a letter from the court with a claim from civil parking enforcement. So what now then guys? Do I fill out the defence? And what would you suggest I state? Bare in mind I wasn't the driver, and the supposed offence was commited a few years ago in a free car park!! Cheers
  10. well today I spoke to the old letting agent, and they said if I hand in my notice I can legally retract my notice if the new property falls through. Wether they have spoke to the land lord and came to an agreement ( as I did email them and informed them of my situation) or not I'm unsure. But I have handed my notice in and now can look forward to hopefully moving into our new home! Many thanks for the advice
  11. Just another thought. Say for arguments sake I did hand in my notice today, and something went wrong with the agreement with the new property. What would happen in regards to current property,I.e can I retract my notice?
  12. Well I'm veering towards the decision of maybe just winging it and hoping the application goes through with the new property alright. He said the main thing they are worried are about is if I can afford the rent, which i can, I just suffer from poor credit rating, with defaults but no ccj's. I just like to live on the side of caution. I suppose I could ask the agent dealing with the new property if, should anything happen, if I can get a guarantour. I just don't want to be in a position where I have to pay more money into the old house.
  13. Hi guys, sorry if Iv posted this in the wrong section. I have a little dilemma in which I am currently waiting to here if my application to rent a new house is successful or not, the problem I have is that I'm in a currently in a periodic tenancy in my current house. Therefore Iv been told I can't hand in my notice until rent day. Rent day is tomorrow, so I need to hand notice in tomorrow. Yet they say the application process for new house will take us into next week, I don't want to hand in my notice under the assumption that everything will be alright and the new house is ours, only for something to go wrong and we be without a house. i just wondered if there's some sort of a get out clause, in that I can hand in my notice when I want, not when suits the estate agent / landlord. I hope Iv explained the problem well enough. Many thanks
  14. Cheers mate. As you can see I originally posted this thread back in Feb 2013. So it's been a while haha! I never contacted them at all either. Sorry for my inexperience with these sort of things, but what's an NTK? I shall continue to ignore, the letter seems to resemble something that was thrown together in a hurry, no coat of arms emblem in the corner as was on previous letters from them, looks very diy! As soon as I saw it I thought [problem]!
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