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  1. Hi, my ex-partner (my daughter's Daddy) has landed a job that entitles him to free private health care for him and his 'family'. He's asked me if I'd like us (me and my daughter) to be included in the package. I'm currently on Income Support until May - will it effect this at all? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hmm - that all makes sense - I'll ask him to chase up the Dutch DWP and see if anything comes from that. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. Hi - I'm posting this on behalf of a friend: He's just been made redundant from a 90K job in the UK. He is Dutch but has a NI number. He lived in the UK 1992-2010, but returned to Holland to work for 3 years in 2010. He returned to the UK in February 2013 to work (the 90K job) and was made redundant last month. He lives in the UK with his British partner and their 7 month old son - she has no NI number (yet) as she always lived and worked in the Netherlands. He was told to apply for 'Contribution Based Jobseekers' but has been declined because​ he worked in the Netherlands du
  4. Thanks abc - I suggested that (via the agency) to the landlord - I *even* offered to pay 'rental insurance' (£150 a year) to cover him - the answer was still no. I'm hoping that this was just a one off, but it's so frustrating as I've never missed a payment and am a perfect tenant - and this was an ideal house.
  5. Yep - that's what I thought *sigh*. How on earth are you supposed to move then, if no landlords are accepting DSS anymore?!
  6. Hello - I wonder if anyone can help? I'm looking for a house to rent for me and my daughter - I'm on Income Support - but all of the properties I'm finding are stating 'no DSS'. However, If I ask my (working full-time) ex-husband to make the application with the lettings agency - so his name is on the contract, his bank details etc - would that then be an issue when it came to making a new Income Support claim for the new property - my name not being on the contract - despite him being my daughter's father? I have a feeling the answer is yes, but I can't see any other way around
  7. Sorry HB - I couldn't find a relevant forum - but if you could move me to one that is - that would be greatly appreciated - in the meantime - thank you ericsbrother for your really useful reply.
  8. Hi - I'm not sure if this is the right place to start, but we run a small, weekly toddler group in a sports hall that's owned by a Private School. It's a modern hall and when it was built part of the remit was to provide a space for the local community, for things like toddler groups etc. However, this term, they've *doubled* the money that they're asking us to contribute and we're unable to meet this financially. We've always had the impression that we're an inconvenience to them and suspect that this may be a tactic to get rid of us. Is there anything we can do - can we challe
  9. Thanks Rachie - that information's really useful and reassuring.
  10. Thanks so much for your help - all of you. Now the panic's settled a little, we must apologise for any over-reacting - thank you once again - this website is a brilliant resource.
  11. Thanks Estellyn - I'll tell her to forget the letter then if you think that's the best thing to do.
  12. SO! As my friend's been asked to attend an interview providing her bank statements, which will reveal that the Housing Benefit's not been going out of her account - she thought it might be an idea to provide them with the following covering letter to try to clarify things - please let us know what you think - whether there is anything on there that should be added or taken away? Many thanks in advance - her letter reads: "Dear Sir/Madam, Please find attached my bank statements from the last three months - and to help you, here is a summary of the last 6 months. I returned
  13. Thanks everyone for your continued responses. She assures me that there's nothing else that's been hidden (I believe her - she's actually a very honest person) - so the points that Antone kindly listed are what we have on the table as well as the undeclared £600 payment in November. Antone - can I ask - you mentioned that 'HB is intended to pay rent, but a claimant can do whatever they like with it, normally.' Is that the case? I thought HB was for rent alone?....as this is the crux of the matter - that she 'didn't' use the money for rent - she used it for maintenance - that's the
  14. I'm so sorry - I have to go to bed - but please don't abandon us! I can't tell you how helpful you have all been this evening. Many many thanks x
  15. Hi Hine Moa - that's exactly what the payment was for - she saw his redundancy coming....
  16. Hi Antone, This is all correct except that at the time she made the claim for the Housing Benefit, she was intending to pay back the ex in monthly installments, until he said to instead, keep the Housing Benefit money as maintenance (not sure if that's relevant).. She hasn't declared the initial one-off payment as it was between her ex and the lettings agency.... She then received another random payment of £600 specifically for maintenance (which she didn't declare).
  17. Sorry - just seen your post Hine Moa - so - she couldn't argue that as the £600 was for maintenance, she didn't think she had to declare it?
  18. Oh dear - she's just told me this: In November, he paid an additional £600 maintenance fee into her account on top of the original 6 months rent which she didn't declare, so the plot thickens somewhat doesn't it..
  19. Thanks Hine Moa - that's exactly what the scerio was/is anyway.
  20. Sorry Hine Moa - I should have mentioned that it wasn't under caution initially. She's been receiving HB for 6 months now. Estellyn - it is the money from the father (he's now in a new relationship and has since been made redundant too). I'm really sorry - but I don't understand: "If it were my client, I'd advise them not to mention that it was for a specific purpose, but that it is a private child maintenance arrangement and to apologise for not declaring it." The father paid the money directly to the lettings agency - so it 'was' for a specific purpose - for the rent...it
  21. Hi All, the money went straight to the landlady via the lettings agency. That was 6 months ago and now she's set up a standing order for the money to leave her account and go directly to the landlady. Also - just to clarify - she's been invited for an interview, but it hasn't mentioned anything about being under 'caution' as I've seen on other forums. All they've asked for is her last 3 month bank statements, but it's then that they'll see that the HB money's been going in, but not going out on rent - obviously - so she's intending to come clean there and then. Should she star
  22. Sorry - one more thing - do you know how long courts take to decide over these kind of matters?
  23. OK - thanks - really appreciate your advice x
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