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  1. The cost of the ring was £2250. It is doubtful if we would have purchased it as according to 2 other jewellers it would have needed the chip to have been ground out (reducing the size?). We had a valuation certificate given for insurance purposes giving costs way above the purchase price. Purchased with credit card.
  2. In February we bought a Sapphire and diamond ring. It was a new ring with second hand stones. I tried on in the shop, fine. Placed in its box. It was looked at and tried on in home and secure in its box. We decided not to go further with the relationship so contacted the retailer with the knowledge that we would lose a fair amount if they purchased it back. They declined, but advised that we could try to sell elsewhere. Two other retailers looked at the ring and said that it was very nice but it had a chip out of it. We returned to the original retailer who said we m
  3. Still awaiting upgradefor Nokia 635 phone. Anyone know when it will come?
  4. I pose a silly question on the topic of credit scoring. When a mistake is made by a company and they refuse to remove the untrue item why aren't they exposed to a charge of libel and hence damages? To publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person ...
  5. No most of the time they were complying with mothers wishes who was loosing it a little constantly trying to stay in her house. Spent periods in hospital / short stays in nursing homes for respite. Finally she went into a nursing home for a couple of months and died. The couple had to come back from an extended stay with daughter and son in Australia. After the funeral and things were settled with the solicitor to prove the will and obtain probate etc. Then out of the blue brother started asking questions to affairs over several years.
  6. Being accused of undue influence / fraud by brother. Friend and husband are joint executors of her mothers estate. Brother who was never on scene left caring of mother to sister until she died. Now seek info over management of mothers affairs in past few years. Any advice on how to deal? Fears allegations will deplete legacy (house £120000 to be split between brother & sister.
  7. Hope Richard Durkin is adequately compensated or does he go back to a lower court for his costs / damages?
  8. Had problem with TPS in February this year. Only resolved after receiving 2 letters from Zenith Collections. Complained to financial ombudsman. TPS said they would cancel it on this occasion (November). Search through Moneyexpert.com and find some template letters. Do not give in! Don't admit liability !
  9. Yes at what cost? Do the MP route he or she may get results quicker at no cost. Under the freedom of info that info is yours! Damage has been done to you. Can you access a legal eagle free for 30mins sometimes?
  10. Yes they are understaffed. They are I'm told running 2-3 months behind on medical appeals. Do go to the web site "they work for you." You can find your MP's contact e-mail there. Give him all your relevant details and don't miss anything! Shout it from the roof tops (Metaphorically speaking)
  11. A neighbour had a similar problem though his was glaucoma being treated effectively. So being honest (it doesn't pay) he declared it. Tested at the local hospital all was fine until last year when the testing went to Boots! Low and behold a letter came to say no licence! Appeal at a cost, submitted in December and in February this year the ungraciously gave him his licence back. Write to your MP these understaffed inefficient Quangos Need a bomb under them (metaphorically you understand).
  12. Perhaps what should happen, when you take a test at a DVLA optician, is that you should be given a written result of the test. That it should detail how you did and what those results mean. If the result of the test is that you should no drive then you must be told immediately not weeks later. If you fail would an immediate re-check put the results beyond doubt? Errors do occur.
  13. Theresults of DVLA sight tests should begive to the person undergoing the test. Why you may ask? One part of the testinvolves a periferal vision test to press a button when a light spot appears.If you boob on the test by not pressing the button, they do not tell you. So you wait for the new licenceand low and behold you get a letter saying it is not being renewed!! Now how doyou appeal and how quick can retest to appeal the refusal? The answer is not clear and DVLA appear to have no sense of urgency. A neighbour of minehas not been able to drive since early October 2012. It is now
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