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  1. . Go to your local citizen advice beauru they will do an income and expenditure form and deal with your creditors,this is free of charge and they give the best advice,good luck.
  2. Right thanks a lot guys they have until next Thursday to pay up, will let you know how things go, thanks for the replies.
  3. Why would they write saying they have found in my favour and say they have 28 days to settle and then not do it, surely other penalties could be added if I take this to the FOS.
  4. I did see that, although when I spoke to them on the phone at the end of January they had received my acceptance and assured me that payment would be made within 28 days.
  5. Nearly a month ago now, they said they would write back to confirm the money being transferred into my account within 28 days, it was with Black Horse, getting worried that I haven't heard anything.
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