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    Thanks for the replies. I'm taking things a step at a time and tackling things as I am able to face them. The collection agencies have agreed a £1 per month repayment for the time being, so now that this has been sorted I will approach the bank. Can anyone advise me on which FAQs would be useful to me. I doin't want to swamp myself with too much information. Many thanks
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    I was unwell for a couple of years. I had no visible income and to survive I cashed cheques and used my credit card. I was emotionally unwell and unable to face life at that time. I am now much better, though not completely recovered, and I am attempting to pick up the piece and get my life back on track. During that period my bank kept sending me cheque books while and I had no visible income for much of that time. They made quite large charges (I was well past the agreed overdraft limits) and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about all of these charges from that period? The bank ac
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