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  1. She is still with the insurer that sorted the work last time, they said it would be guaranteed if she kept with them. They are still insisting on the £1000 excess at the moment, hoping we can claim that back if it is proven to be their fault. The ins co are sending someone out in the morning to look at it.
  2. My mother claimed on her insurance for subsidence. They monitored for a year then redone her outside drains, filled in cracks in a few rooms redone a bit of brickwork outside and redecorated some rooms. (no underpinning done) About 4 yrs later my partner noticed cracks opening up. My mother rang ins company and they wouldn't send anyone out, just told her to get a builder to look at it and let them know. As she is in her 70's she got a builder neighbour/friend to look and he said it looked ok. The ins co sent her a letter saying 'as you haven't contacted us we believe you have no problems and are closing this matter' or words to that affect. She is trying to sell the house now and the survey pulled up a problem and the prospective buyers got a structural engineer out and they said it has subsidence again and should have been underpinned last time! Mother phoned ins co and they say she has to pay £1000 excess again. Surely the ins co are at fault here?
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