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  1. I don't specifically know what she's on unfortunately. I know she receives a widows pension though, and child benefits because of my younger brother (9 years of age). I'm not sure if she gets caring allowance for my sister who has psychosis (who also gets ESA and DLA). We don't have any contacts in Spain and I'm not sure where we'll live. This is more hypothetical than realistic but we're both curious as to what would happen if we were to move. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, thank you. No I haven't. I'm not very clued up on benefits and I didn't even think about checking that site. After checking though, I'm struggling to find anything on abroad payments. I searched around and only found threats about abroad fraud, but nothing substantial to living abroad and receiving benefits. I know it's there, I just can't see it
  3. Hello there, I bring to you today a rather complicated question (I assume). I currently have Bipolar type 2 and Anxiety disorder, and I am receiving ESA. My mother is a widow and receives her widows pension among other complicated stuff I don't know about. I have this dream of one day moving to Spain as I'm sure it will help my head and my family who have a range of "issues". However, money is naturally short, and after bringing up the subject of moving again I was asked by my mother whether the help we both receive financially goes if we were to move to a new country. I assume it do
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