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  1. thank you.you are right.i wasnt pasient in the hospital so they didnt give me sicknote,.but i dont understand why they think i can still do my work.even i can not drees my self by one hand.any way I have to wait till monday to go my GP because is all booked.thank you
  2. hello, I broken my thumb and I went to emergency department.I had x-ray but my doctor didnt give me sicknote and he said I can do my job.I work in warehouse where i have to lifting and picking products.I told him about my job that I use my both hands but he refused to give me sicknote.I dont feel I am fit to work.I stay at home now and take painkillers.I can stay at home up to week by selfcertificated.Do I have to go my GP and ask for sick note.Any advice thank you.
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