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  1. sadly I am at the NTO stage but believe that the signage was inadequate for any reasonable person to understand how it linked to the syl or space. The fact that on the sign it did not have an arrow indicating which side it applied to or that this space was for market traders is my main reason why this PCN was wrongly given. When I parked there I didn't notice that it was shorter than the next one either. I might remember to check next time to make sure but why is it that this sort of information doesnt really get known about until you get a PCN or you are involved in traffic/parking control. there should be a statement on the sign saying it is a market traders space. its mad
  2. I have been given a ticket and appealed it on the basis that the signage isnt clear. The council say that its a market traders bay and active only on match days as it is near arsenal football ground. Before I went there the person I was seeing made the effort to get a valid temporary residents parking permit for the day which I correctly adjusted. I researched the day before to make sure that it wasn't a match day and the team were in fact playing away. I arrived on the day and read the sign very carefully and there was a bay with a number in it but on reading the sign which was between my space and another it said there were additional controls on match days. I parked in the space and got a ticket. I have attached photos that I took as soon as I saw that I had a ticket. I don't believe that the signage and road markings are clear, the single yellow line is in fact broken and the sign makes it seem that the yellow line was in fact there for match days. I have never seen a number in a space before and there was no info on the sign to indicate that it was a market traders space at all. can any one advise please as I am quite annoyed by this and the council are acting like stubborn mules. I don't live in London and where I do live there is no market.
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