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  1. Hi My self and partner currently receive our prescriptions/dentistry etc free because we recieve housing benefit. My partner missed a dentist appointment a couple of months ago and later receieved a letter of her dentist saying that she owed them £17.50 for missing the appointment. She advised the receptionist at her dentsit that she had her dentistry paid for an apologised for missing her appointment and we heard nothing else until now. We recieved a debt collectors letter today saying that they were acting on behalf of the dentist and my partner owes them £38 (this is for the appointment she missed). Are they allowed to do this even though she has her dentsity paid for? Thanks for any replies in advance M
  2. Hi I think you will have to wait for the liquidators to make contact with you to arrange payment.
  3. I know, I did still make a complaint to the FOS but doubt I will hear anything else regarding the matter after Barclays gave me my goodwill gesture. at least we got our money back. I got no were until I got that email address for Paul Maddox. I know of 3 people who have money refunded via goodwill gestures after emailing him now.
  4. Yeah, defo Long 5 years ahead of me but it will be worth it.
  5. Yes I have cancelled direct debit and standing order My creditors meeting went as best as I could have imagined. I had £62,00 worth of debt with £46,00 of that being a shortfall on a house. My 2 biggest creditors amounting to £54000 accepted with no modifications at 13p to the £1. Obviously my IP wa happy about this also as his fees were not reduced either. I had 1 creditor asking for the IVA to be increased to 6 years and payments to go up by an extra £50 a month, but they only accounted to 8% of the vote so they're modifications were rejected.
  6. FYI I've just entered into IVA and one of my creditors was Pound Access. I've been recieving an awful lot of emails of them telling me that they're issuing a CCJ and passing my debt on to a 3rd party so I decided to call them to advise them that I was in an IVA and that they were legally bound to the terms, only to be told by the woman who answered the phone that Pound Access had gone into liquidation.
  7. Hi Sorry for the long reply. My debt management Co was Knightsbridge Financial. Since I emailed them back on 8th March asking for proof of the termination fee in any contract that I had signed I have heard nothing since.
  8. Sorry for the long reply. I'm glad my advice gave you the result you were looking for M
  9. If anyone has any problems with Barclays allowing payments after CPA has been cancelled email - [email protected] I emailed him and all money was refunded, they even gave me a good will gesture payment.
  10. Yes, but they said if the company takesit they can only chargeback the money once it appears on my statement. It can take 3-4 days sometimes and it's my daughters birthday on Monday so can't risk it.
  11. Owed 523 pounds to CFO today so I'm sitting up to safeguard it tonight. Just called the bank and they said it normally hits the account between 1 and 1.30am, but don't want to risk setting an alarm to see the money has gone like the other night.
  12. Hi I'm just about to enter into an IVA if all goes well (creditors meeting 25th March) so wrote to my current Debt Managment company to inform them to cancel my DMP with them selves with immediate effect. They emailed me today saying that want a termination fee of 1 months payment to close the account down. I emailed them back asking for documentation that I had signed agreeing to a termination fee in any sort of contract as I knew nothing about this procedure. Have I done the right thing and are they allowed to do this? Thanks M
  13. I'm just awaiting my creditors meeting for an IVA which is a couple of weeks and I have had lots of problems with PayDay loans trying to empty my account, although I have gotten all the money back off the bank. I've swapped most my income over to a new account but there is still a few that haven't happened as yet. My daughters DLA is due to go in tomorrow so I'm planning to stay up to safe guard the money and trasfter it to my other account as soon as it goes through. My question is what time do BACS payments go into your account? Is it midnight? Thanks M
  14. I will still make the complaint. The money is already back in my account and appears on the statement as "Good will gesture"
  15. So I emailed the Customer Relations manager back at barclays who gave me her email address yesterday (who I have to be honest, has been brilliant through out) and she put the money back in my account as a good will gesture. Finally a result!
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