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  1. Andrew P - I can assure you the average speed was not 8 mph, unless you were joining traffic light que. I am sure you would of seen my car stranded with an accident triangle displayed between 1900-2100
  2. You can check the appalling reply that has taken three months to receive from Member Relations - CS/3802589
  3. Thought this might help others; To whom it may concern: Thisletter is to complain about service I recently received from The AA customer. Icalled The AA breakdown number at 19:06 on February 18, 2013, because my car hadbroken down on the A4, near to the Hogarth roundabout, at rush hour. Iexplained to the advisor that my car was in a dangerous position and I was toldthat my call would be a priority and that an expert would be with me within thehour. I called again at 19:42 enquire how far away the driver was, I was thentold that a 3rd party had been instructed, but was delayed and
  4. Yes, I was an exsisting member and I they cancelled the job once I informed them that I had paid a local garage. I just written a formal letter of complaint and will up date the post with their reply.
  5. Why would I not make a complaint, I feel that The AA have taken my money and not provided me a proffessional service. I might add; that I am still waiting for a call back, some 6 hours later!
  6. Thank you for replying: I paid up front in full and I am waiting on a call from one of the line manages in their referrals department. The call was due at 12:00. Also, I called their hotline 4 times last night, each time it took approx. 5 mins to get through. In the end they contracted a 3rd party company that were due to be with me at 20:20, but did not turn up until 21:23, 20 mins after I cancelled the job. It did not help that it was a few dials off freezing last night and that my car was in the near side lane of a three lane A road. M
  7. I was left stranded last night on the A4, one of the main archeries into London, after my car broke down at 19:00 on the inside lane of the A4, near Hogarthroundabout, causing a major traffic hazard. The advisor told me my call would be a prioity, due to the circumstances and I was informed that I would be recoved within an hour. Two and half hours, I was still there until another garage I contacted recovered me (the short story). No customer services department to speak to, or anyone skilled to understand my frustration. I have been told if I cancel my membership I will not receiv
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