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  1. I have started contact via e mail only I will not talk on phone,this card went to court as unenforceable in 2010 as it broke consumer credit agreements
  2. Ok, I had an Egg card in 2003, it defaulted in about 2005/6, I heard nothing till 2009 then a DCA contacted me I paid them roughly £400 in 2009 ,then I was going to court to have some debts wiped off,(Didn't work) under the credit laws, I heard nothing until recently then Marlin contacted me wanting the £5500 balance on Egg card, is it statue barred as it defaulted in 2006 or because I made payments to a DCA in 2009 is it not????? TIA
  3. Honestly? I had a LOT of bad debt,I heard nothing from barclaycard for years,to the extent i didn't remember the card,apparently taken out in July 1995 !
  4. well I MUST have had as it's on my credit history?? Yes one digit different as far as I know as credit report only shows last 4 digits
  6. These are the letters I have received I did according to my credit report have a barclaycard BUT last 4 digits were 8000 NOT 8002 ???
  8. Many thanks.. I was trying not to contact them as it's very close to statue barred,according to credit score july 2007 was last payment at least last activity on account,will me contacting them stop me claiming statue barred?? I have heard nothing from braclaycard about this debt, it's not shown as 'bad credit' just as not updated,I don't know what's going on
  9. Hi guys, ok this is a weird one, I have just received a letter,one from barclaycard and with it one from marlin group,saying my debt of £5.5k is now payable to marlin, I don't remember the card at all so I looked on my credit history,it says it was taken out in July 1995,and everything was ok (green boxes) until July 2007,then in August 2007 and onwards it gets a 'U' (not updated) up to feb 2010 when it ends, I am not sure where I stand legally,I don't remember anything about the card so not sure if it's statue barred,BUT it is NOT counted as 'bad credit'. I am wondering if someone is trying
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