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  1. Ok Thanks for advice and help
  2. I looked at that and unless I cancelled in first 10 days there seems no way of cancelling if that is possible? I take it that it is a mortgage in effect. A lender pays the timeshare and we pay back monthly installments.
  3. A rolling contract £100 a month.
  4. Thanks for advice, I have tried to sort it out with timeshare but they didn' want to know.
  5. Hi all. I have a credit card on it's limit and although I pay the minimum each month, I don't seem to be getting anywhere because like a idiot I signed up to a timeshare which takes out about £100 a month. I asked HSBC to cancel the timeshare payment, but they can't do that. I want to deal with the timeshare people when they find out they are getting no money as they didn't want to help me when they are still getting the money each month. I have just received my new card as the expirey date has run out. Funnily enough after not wanting to know for months the timeshare people have asked for the new expirey date. Then I thought wait a minute, if I don't give it to them plus the security no. on the back, does that mean they can't draw any more money out, or will HSBC just carry on giving them the money. Does anyone have a answer to this one:smile:
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