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  1. I'm not sure about their contracts, I have asked the question to one of them. I worked that overtime in good faith. As the engineer/site manager, the overall running of the job was my responsibility. My employer overburdened me with work and did end up sending help about a month before I left the project (I have since handed in my notice due to the fact that our foreman had created a hostile work environment for me). I didn't try to avoid my duties as I faced the client on a daily basis and I was solely responsible for explaining any delays, etc. I never tried to just do the hours allocated to
  2. My contract states that I will not receive any money in exchange for any hours worked over my contracted hours, except at the Company's discretion from time to time. Over the summer, I worked as an engineer/manager on-site, alongside 30 other employees (labourers) who all raked in approximately 15 hours a week of overtime paid at x1.5 their normal rate. I counted up all the hours we did and calculated that, had I been paid overtime at a x1.5 rate too, my employer would have paid me £4,000 in the span of those 4 months. I don't think there is a law that will require my employer to rei
  3. Hiya! Thank you all so much for your input. I paid my deposit in April 2011, just after the safety deposit scheme regulations came into force in Scotland. Alba had until November 2012 to register my deposit, however, I moved out in September 2012. Having said that, they were in possession of my deposit until December 2012 so I have been advised that regardless of the fact that my tenancy had ended, they should have still registered my deposit because the safe deposit schemes base their operations on the dates that deposits are paid and retrieved rather than the tenancy contract dates.
  4. Hi there, When I moved into my previous flat, I "replaced" two tenants on the lease and signed a COT (change of the) agreement. I then signed the lease. I never received an inventory. The COT and the Lease both state that I accept the condition of the property, however, the condition is not specified and I was never given an inventory upon moving in. We then collectively moved out after 6 months because the agency increased the rent by £200 a month and now they have taken money off our deposits. This is fine for the other 3, however, I moved in when they had already been in the
  5. Heyhey! I left the flat to go traveling and am currently in North America so I can't go to the court in person. With regards, Kris
  6. Hiya! Thanks for your response. I know the procedure and I have filled out all the correct forms. The court website states that there is no online facility and that the physical paper forms need to be delivered to the court, however, any time they talk about the handing over of the forms they always talk about being present to do this in person. My question is whether I can POST the forms to them and when they receive it, they will take it from there? There is the option of the court clerk serving the summons to the defender (my agency in this case) however, I want to know whether I have
  7. Hiya, I was wondering if anyone knows whether the Scottish legal system allows for you to lodge a small claims by sending all the relevant documentation by post rather than going to the Sheriff Court in person? Thanks in advance.
  8. How do I find out whether the deposit was protected? I was under the assumption that agencies were obliged by law to put deposits in a protection scheme, I am assuming Alba will have done that?
  9. Thanks for your response, I agree that the blocked loo is irrelevant at the moment. I am currently taking Alba to the small claims court to reclaim my agency fees which they are refusing to refund. How do I find out whether my deposit was protected in a deposit protection scheme? I thought this was mandatory, is it possible that some agencies aren't doing it? Regards, Kris
  10. I rented a flat from Alba Residental for 14 months. In those 14 months, the toilet flooded 3 times. Rather than replacing the shredder system they kept sending out plumbers who kept saying that there was nothing they could do to prevent any future blockages. When I moved in the flat was disgusting and nothing had been cleaned. Alba sent two cleaners who surface cleaned the flat. I ended up cleaning the entire flat myself after that. When I moved out, I left the place spotless. Alba came up with a massive list of items which they considered needed cleaning or replacement. The thing
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