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  1. My wife tried to claim ESA when her SSP period had ran out. She want for the infamous interview that they carry out and because she can lift her arms and dress herself they decided she would not be eligible. This was probably an unusual situation because she was employed at the time and it is an option to claim for ESA if SSP is no longer paid after the 26 week period. However, the interview by ASOS, as we all probably agree is an utter farce and doesn't cover things such as rheumatism or dizziness unless you are totally confined.
  2. I'm assuming that she would be able to do an office/clerical based job as her current job is supermarket related and brings on either rheumatism or dizziness.
  3. My wife is having her employment terminated by her employer due to incapability. She has severe rheumatism and dizzy spells and has been off work for over a year. She was working part time for 15 hours per week. If her firm terminates her contract will she be able to claim JSA?
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