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  1. I will try to be brief with this question/problem. In 2008 my friend who had a Monument Credit Card suffered a heart attack and could not work. There is a vague recollection of Monument accepting the situation and providing a payment break or suchlike. Friend continued with regular payments until July 2011 when he got a letter out of the blue from C.A.R.S He telephoned Monument who said they no longer would be dealing with it and in future he would have to deal with C.A.R.S After a telephone convo with C.A.R.S (July 2011) he agreed to pay a set amount on the same date each month and he continues to get monthly statements from Monument. This month after checking his bank statements he noticed (since last November 2012) C.A.R.S have been erractic in taking their payments. They are ignoring the agreed date and two payments were taken out in the same month. This led to some checking and I discovered the only communication he has ever had from C.A.R.S was the initial letter (kept for ref) and a telephone call in July 2011. At that time he believed he was agreeing to a direct debit but now learns they got their payments via a credit debit on his card. Having read scary stories on recurring debit card payments, my friend would ideally like to stop C.A.R.S from using his debit card in this way. Now the obvious thing is to contact C.A.R.S but wanted some advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance of any replies.
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