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  1. Thanks, found your blog. I will try a freedom of information request, then raise it with our MP. Given the current interest of parliament in those bodies who are supposed to self-regulate, eg the press, perhaps there will be an appetite to force the SRA to at least tell you what action they have taken regarding your complaint if nothing else.
  2. I am trying to report the dishonest conduct of a solicitor to the SRA but having read their website, have absolutely no confidence they even bother to read the complaints. They may as well say "we file all complaints under B for Bin". I can think of no other professional body which regulates its members where a complainant does not get to find out the outcome of their complaint. To say they only have limited resources is no excuse. I was interested in seeing your figures on the number of complaints which are actually investigated by the SRA - where did you get that information from? I intend to write to my MP about this and would be useful to quote tus information with a source. Thank you for articulating the issue in such a clear way.
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