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  1. A Question: A&L have filed an Ackn of the claim does this on the 5th April What does this now give them as regards timescales as the origional dates were as follows: Claim Issued: 3rd April 2007 Deemed Served: 8th April 2007 Defendent has till: 22nd April 2007 Ack of Claim: 5th April 2007 Do they now have 28 days from the Ack date to file a defence or payup etc. Thanks PG
  2. Update Notice of issued recieved today Claim Issued: 3rd April 2007 Deemed Served: 8th April 2007 Defendent has till: 22nd April 2007 Let battle commence lol PG
  3. Hi Moneyclaim site shows 3rd April as claim issued. Do A&L have till the 17th April 14 Days or do I need to take of Bank Holidays and weekends. Or am I right in stating 14 days from today Thanks PG
  4. Just a quick update today I completed my Moneyclaim against AL& Total inc £80 court fee is £836.63 I never received any response from all the letters I sent to A&L so now Im at the claim stage we will see what happens. I also sent A&L a copy of the charges again as well as a copy to the courts, and in my letter to A&L stated I have been informed again of notification of charges to be addde to my account please reverse these charges and I will not be corresponding on the charges again as they have failed to answer any of my letters. and that I will issue a 2nd claim fo
  5. I am about to file my claim after having no response to all my letter including LBA as my 14 days are up tommorrow I am filling in my claim tonight ready and I hit the following problem on http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk When I enter the Organisations details Alliance & Leicester plc Carlton Park Narborough Leicester LE9 0AL Money Claim website states WARNING: Organisation's name: This information is required. The following characters cannot be used & " WARNING: Address Line 1: The '&' character cannot be used. Please remove it or replace it by 'and'
  6. I today recieved a letter offering £333 in full and final settlement of my claim. The letter states this inclused a charge that has not been applied to my account without predudice. Offer will remain open 10 days, so dont now have to issue a money claim. So now to issue a claim for my first direct credit card. PG
  7. Another update.. No letters at all from First Direct.. I have completed the moneyclaim online just now and saved this. I am going to sumbit the claim tommorrow morning before after the post, I used the standard text that I found on the site held bank accouns since etc etc. It is only costing me £30 to claim as it is only for £252.50 but it is the princliple.
  8. Just another update I replied to there standard sorry to here... blah blah we will respond in 10 days. And sent them another letter on Thursday 1st Feb with copies of all correspondence reminding them of the LBA and that I will be issuing legal proceedings through the court on Wednesday 7th Feb as per my LBA if there charges are not refunded. Today 3rd Feb I recieved a Default Notice on my first direct credit card for not paying Jan payment of £75 which I was charged £34.50 by first direct for not paying it. You have to laugh or you would cry. So I logged onto day and paid not jus
  9. Thanks for the response, When I orgionally sent my prelim letter in december I didnt even get a response so I sent the LBA letter on the 19th Jan for £252.50 which was charges for O/D and Excess O/D for Nov/Dec as this was the first time I had gone over my ovedraft. I didnt ask them to pay back interest on these charges just that I would be claiming 8% interest which equated at the time to £4.99 when I proceed to money claim. PG
  10. Just a quick update I today recieved a standard letter. 31st Jan 2007. Letter dated 26th Jan 2007. It must have been sent via snail mail Quote " Naturally Sorry to learn about your concernsand I will ensure that a full investigation takes place. Please be assured tha you will recieve a respone shortlly, Certainly within the next ten working days. For your information, I have enclosed a copy of the leaflet "Listening to your comments', which provides further details about the banks complaint proceedure. Signed: Steve Smithard - Credit Services Customer Relations. I gave
  11. Just thought I would make a post not a large claim but charges from Aug2006 - Jan 2007. LBA Sent: 19th Jan 2006 LBA for £252.50 Plus £4.99 interest charges at 8% Will keep informed of progress PG
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