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  1. tom-tubby,Its was only since looking through these forums and noticed some dodgy dealing by JBW that I smelt a rat as it was after notice of attendance was put in letter box with no signature on it only a initial on dated the 31/7.3013 that I rang JBW asking who had posted to letter and was told it was bailiff Exxx, I contacted the court and received this part of an email stating that this person who works for the court as stated that she “can confirm that Mr Exxx does reside within the jurisdiction of this Court” this being Middlesbrough county court at Teesside Combined Court and that he
  2. Just a question regarding Jamie Waller and his bailiffs of JBW firstly must Jamie Waller have a bailiffs certificate reason I ask is he’s not on bailiffs register. I also have a problem with Jxxx Exxx and Axxx Gxxx, Exxx both of JBW Exxx was supposed to have first put a notice of attendance letter stuck in letter box this was for a PCN as it was a Dagenham Essex address I asked for sworn affidavit to that effect considering he got his licence from Middlesbrough County Court at Teesside Combined Court and resides there they JBW refuse to give me that sworn affidavit them stating I accepted N
  3. NO It you that is doing the rambling the way you write your threads it seems you have your head between your legs this is my first time on a forum and I get lumbered with a barrack room lawyer you must be one that sits on your computer picking up everyone's threads you seem "all balls and no brain" as you have not replied to my first thread correctly and as it looks that threads are replied by barrack room lawyers like yourself this will be the last message for me on this forum, I suppose your an ardent Facebook/twitter member that's the reason I avoid these charades with people like yourself,
  4. You must read forum messages and digest them before replying lol as you have not took in any of my threads posted why? would it go to court if you know anything about PCNs given by councils which this one was you would know that if my reasons are not accepted by the council it goes to an adjudicator not to court I have already CLEARLY stated my view in first thread that the signs were not compliant is there anyone who as I have asked in my first thread has had any dealing with London Borough of Barking & Dagenham who for short are LBBD regarding a bus lane in High Road Chadwell Heath Essex
  5. Sorry don't think I'm being rude but all I needed was a positive response to my question, if you were to read my message properly I asked if anyone had any dealing with LBBD and this bus lane as I felt the high road in question which is 2.2 miles long that's from Seven Kings station to the Tollgate public house traffic lights only to sneakily set a bus lane in the last 2/10th of a mile also I did also state that one sign was around the wrong way and very few signs once it starts, also none in the side road where I came out from to state that there was a bus enforcement lane for that distanc
  6. Hi all I am new to this forum but has anyone had dealing with LBBD regarding a bus lane in High Road Chadwell Heath Essex from the lights at Sainsburys to the Tollgate pub as I was caught in that 2/10th of a mile bus lane I feel that my PCN is non compliant reason being there are very few signs also one round the wrong way, and In my opinion I have never seen such a pointless bus lane. The cynical might even suggest this is a deliberately engineered stretch of road with the sole purpose of revenue generation! "sorry I am one of those drivers.I was caught by a road side camera is their any
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