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  1. I have tried contactin the Post Office, who say that postal orders cannot be stopped, therefore its irrelevant whether they have been cashed or not which I find disgraceful given that each cheque is individually numbered and with todays technology surely this is something that could be done. If its something that could have been done a few years ago, why not now???
  2. Im hopeful that this may be the case,very hopeful, however he/they advised that the goods were ready to be sent the minute they received the Postal Orders, and that they would send it tracked delivery and advise me when done so? I just find it very strange that they are now mysteriously uncontactable via mobile/landline and the email address is returning my emails with -undelivered mail return to sender??
  3. I thought that would have been the case too, however what responsibilities do they have of verifying identification on the person signing for the delivery?
  4. I stupidly sent £1000 in postal orders uncrossed but with a name on them, all sent SD,and were signed for as received, and since they have been signed for I cannot contact the seller. Despite my attempts contacting The PO, they no longer seem to be able to tell whether they have been cashed or not, and furthermore cannot be stopped despite each cheque being individually numbered..........???????? I was previously in contact with 2 people ( whos names I have) with a mobile number,and a landline number, also an address where the Postal Orders were sent, and a chain of emails ,both via Gumtree and personal. After a check with 192.com, they have verified the address with a name, however due to DPA wouldn't disclose the ex-directory landline no, which I get. The other guy can also be traced as he described (by occupation)in the area he lives, therefore I am confident enough with the info I have that the police have plenty to go on. I may be sceptical and suspicious, but the deal was that upon receipt of the Postal Orders the goods would be sent the same day by SD, Thurs, and as yet have had no delivery, Sat. also since the POs were signed for, the mobile no is going straight to 'press 1 to leave a message, which will be acknowledged when the number again becomes available', and the landline number is constantly ringing out. I contacted my local police station with all my printed evidence, however was told that I'd need to wait at least a week before they could act on anything, giving the seller the chance to deliver. However I am very suspicious about this,and would prefer not to leave this issue a week. Does/has anyone else ever experienced anything like this, and what are my chances of my money being returned, given that I'd taken insurance with the Post Office? Thanks in advance.
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