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  1. signed! the wonga one actually upsets me, its on the radio every ad break when i work, even at work i cant get away from these people. ban ban ban
  2. Hi, I have a DMP in place to pay of my stupidly borrowed payday loans, due to health issues i missed a payment, i arranged for my partner to take over my account so it doesnt happen again and i offered to increase my payments with Stepchange to make up for the missed payments. I wrote to all the creditors and the only one i had issue with was wonga, this was their reply: can they do this? i'm pretty sure my doctor would tell them where to go! i have attached the form, its pretty personal :/ 'is there anything else we should know about this person' what?! and who are MALG? thanks for any help Marik[ATTACH=CONFIG]45236[/ATTACH]
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