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  1. I think they might be classed as a small company, there are only 20 of us on production and maybe about 30 in other areas
  2. I didnt even know such a thing as a fit note existed until recently, I expect it to be a mess on my side as I have never had to deal with anything like this before, this is the main reason I am looking for advice on here. I want to do things properly and seeking advice how to do it. But surely an employer should have some idea how to deal with a situation like this properly. Im not an expert but I feel that I have been treated very unfairly by them
  3. Hi CitizenB, Thanks for your reply. The accident book had not been filled in until I asked about it 3 days later. As to paying for any treatment, I doubt it. I was told to go home and I would get SSP as that is what he says I am entitled to.
  4. Hi Emmzzi, I never had a Fit Note. I was back at work 1 day after I had the accident, they were giving me light duties so I didnt really mind.
  5. 2 weeks ago I was carrying a box which I had lifted from a shelf and as i turned to return to my seat I tripped over a box in work (a small factory) that was protruding from shelving on the floor level shelf. When I fell, I hit my forehead off the concrete floor, cracked a tooth, which has since broke in half and fell out, I have also fractured my scaphoid bone in my right wrist and I am right handed, which means that I am struggling to do everything. I have been in work ever since it happened, I had been given light duties which I was managing fine, until they decided to change th
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