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  1. The Insurance company are called Assurant Solutions. Have you come across them before?
  2. Thanks for this. When i spoke to the insurance company they said that i would have to contact the broker direct as it was nothing to do with them, which sort of makes sense.
  3. Hi, the main mortgage is now with Paratus, formally GMAC, however this policy was taken out in 2002 and we remortgaged again in 2004/2005. An IFA from another forum said that we wont be able to claim it back because it was taken out pre regulation in 2005. I still want to have a go but i don't know where to start really, apart from phoning the chap himself up and asking him, He's just going to deny miss-selling it anyway!
  4. Hi Slick. Another conversation had with the revenue today and even more confused now. They have also sent a cheque to the OR for £1600 for the tax period of 2009/2010. Like you say, its probably better that we get a complete breakdown of how they have worked it out.
  5. Hi, No i'm sure we didn't have to have it. I have never liked anything like PPI, i just didn't get the expense of paying for something like PPI. I would have cancelled i years ago if i had known.
  6. Hi all, To cut a long story short, ive just found out this morning that my wife and i have been paying PPI for 11 years. We have been paying £58pm for quite a while. The point is the broker we used is a very small independent broker, and i mean, very small, about 5 members of staff. I have never been interested in taking out PPI in any form so i know i wouldn't have agreed to pay for this. I actually thought the amount was for buildings and contents insurance. The thing is, what do i do now? I have cancelled the policy and was told by the lady over the pho
  7. Hi again, My wife dug out the original letter that the cheque came with and at the top it clearly states the refund is based on the tax year of 2011/2012! So in my eyes they have made a mistake!
  8. Thank you slick, Yes it is an Income Payment Agreement. I'm sorry i should have been more specific. I think you may be right and that i should ask for a complete breakdown. I'm a debt advisor and i believe that they have made a mistake if they have deducted this amount from the year 2009/2010, as my wife never paid any of her tax to the Official Receiver's. She should have done, but after many phone conversations with Moonbeaver (The OR's appointed IPA collection solicitors) she gave up calling them. The point is that she still paid her income tax via PAYE. The tax that she was paying sho
  9. Hi I'm new here and was wondering if any of you can spread any light on this, but to say i'm a little perplexed about this is an understatement. My wife declared herself bankrupt on 23rd April 2009. Although she paid into an IPA for three years her tax code never changed so she never paid any of her tax into the IPA. She was employed all of this time by the way. At the beginning of November she received a rebate of just over £2000, however for some reason the cheque was made payable in her former married name. We have been married for 15 years so it seemed very odd. She phoned the re
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