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  1. Hi Firstship. Thanks for your comments. I have not had it repaired yet. Don't see much point fixing a damaged logic board with another faulty one. Apple use 'refurbished' and second hand parts for their repairs. See AppleCare terms. I am waiting for Apple to officially refuse the repair again and will sue them if they do refuse. I will be asking for a new computer or cash compensation in lieu of a dubious repair and mis-sold insurance. SOG Act is good in the UK. After decades of great products and service from Apple, I find the same as you - Apple just want to fight their customers these days. Hope you have no more problems. Best wishes. Jeff
  2. Hi Conniff. Thanks for your response. Bought at Apple Store Liverpool One. I think the problem applies to all MacBook Pro's from early 2008. Possibly Mac Mini 2009 also. PS Apple have been successfully prosecuted over mis selling their extended warrantees. Italian trading standards fined them about 1,000,000 euro. 11 other countries are investigating. Do you have any experience of these two issues?
  3. Anybody else having trouble with Apple computers or their Apple Care extended guarantees. I am on the verge of suing them over a built in fault with the early 2008 MacBookPro laptop. Video issues, overheating and failure to start up are symptoms of this fault - due to a faulty graphics chips built in to the logic board. The repair costs over £400. Under the Sale of Goods act Apple are responsible for the repair as it was there from the beginning. Anyone one else with problems with this mac please respond with your experiences. Also any dealings with Apple repairs or the mis-selling of Apple Care that you are concerned about. Thanks. PS Sorry if posted in wrong area - I am new to forums.
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