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  1. The notice is nailed to my front door.My front door exists onto the street and there is no path or garden to the front of the propert.The only access to the rear of the property is through an allyway door that is always bolted.The bailliff was never allowed to enter the property, my front door was locked.The bailliff read the notice and photographed it.
  2. I have not responded to previous letters and never opened the door.My friend advised me to put a removed right of implied access notice on my front door.Does this notice lawfully prevent these corporations/agents from entering my property even if accompanied by the local police.Our local police refuse to stand on their oaths and always side with the bailliffs
  3. My doctor said she will write a letter for me outlining my medical state and medications I am on.I will photocopy the letter and post it to my local council and the bailliffs agency.I am panicking incase they arrest me and take me to court and my name and details will be in the local paper.with us being in a small gossip ridden town it will destroy my business i have fought so hard to keep operating under my personal circumstances.
  4. I recieved 3 letters from rossendale baillifs today following a visit from a very aggressive emploee of theirs last week, who took a photgraph of the removed right of implied access notice on my front door. He did not ask me my name and got very aggressive with me when asked for to see his documentation and bailliffs certificate. My neighbours son heard the commotion from the bailliff and started to video him on his mobile phone.My neighbours son is autistic and the bailliff refferred to him as stupid. I got into debt with my council tax after my infant twins died and being self employed could not work alot due to bereavement and 2 nervous breakdowns.I have been on antidepressants and other medication along with coucelling from our local mental health association. I have been back to the doctors today as these threatening letters wanting me jailed has caused me to have a emotional breakdown today and I was given diazapam and citlorapram and reffered back to my mental health worker. I do not have the money to pay this debt off in its entirity and I am deeply distressed with these threats. Please help as I do not know what to do
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