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  1. I am just wondering whether kind folks on here think I have a case. First I am registered disabled and have been for many years. Back in 2003 I was quite poorly and in March 2003 had just begun taking medication which had some horrendous side effects. I banked at Woolwich at that time already part of Barclays. We were very tight financially and due to my medication was not in a good place mentally. One day I went into Woolwich to withdraw money. The cashier said would you like a Barclaycard. Not really with it I accepted and the form was filled in there and the
  2. At least they must give me my overpayment back!! Would an ombudsman not award more than £100?
  3. Thanks for your input. I understand I cannot go to the ombudsman yet. I have made my case to the lady dealing and the refund is being processed this week - for the third time within the parameters of usage on the new meter. The first two attempts were not backdated as promised. I also understand that next week we are going to talk about compensation in addition to the refund matrix agreed. If we cannot agree this gets escalated to the Customer Service Manager and if no agreement is reached the ombudsman is my option. I hope to agree before that. The reason I want recompense is:-
  4. This is quite a story Think it best if I do it in bullet points Sorry for the long post... Been supplied with Electric by Npower since 05/07/.08 Always paid up on Direct Debit Always had large bill Sept 2013 Bill was so huge they wanted a monthly duel fuel sum of £274 Sept 2013 Asked if Meter was wrong the y said very unlikely Oct 2013 spoke to energy Advisor and kept daily records of consumption using more at night than daytime!! They kept saying that cost £90 to do a meter check (trying to dissuade me) but decide to go ahead. Guy comes twice to install a check meter but
  5. Hi I have an arrangement with Cabot on an old Barclaycard debt which had an arrangement of £20 per month when the debt was sold to Cabot. I had issues with a review and the long and short of it is that Cabot harassed me 1. Did not provide a CCA in the recognized time frame. 2. Breached the BCOBs rules 3. Provided an application form - a very bad photocopy insisting this was the Credit Agreement. No interest rate no repayment schedule on this form. 4. Were rude and unhelpful in their tone of letter. 5. Were not treating me in a fair way 6. Their answer
  6. This really was not what I wanted to read. My understanding was that a DCA should not really buy a debt with an agreement in place. My understanding was that under the BCOBS rules that as they had taken this debt over with an agreement in place to review or try to increase it is a breach of those rules. The application is very blurred by the signature panel it does refer to the Consumer Credit ACT but there is no reference to any interest rates. In their covering letter Cabot make it clear that they have provdied a CCA bla bla also make it clear they can enforce the debt making references
  7. Sorrty about this. I didnt realise I had left personal details on the item. Just want to know if this application can be enforced as a CCA. MY daughter things it can. I have reuploaded it. Sorry this is as clear as it can be as the item Crapbot sent was very poor reproduction.
  8. Hi Had Barclaycard debt of £5K and agreement to pay £20 per month. Cabot took it over in 2011. After huffing and puffing agreed to continue £20 per month. I have kept to the agreemnt and paid them £20 per month, This year they wanted to "review" it,. I told them this was a breach of BCOBS and can they send me my CCA. All I got was a bunch of photocopy statements. Barclaycard Terms & Conditions and A copy of my original signed agreement This had a barcode stuck on it which I have edited out and my name I have edited out. My daughter says thsi is
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]43043[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]43042[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]43041[/ATTACH]Hello Guys. Cabot took over my Barclaycard debt in Feb 2011 . I already had an agreement with barclaycard to pay £20 permonth in place. This has been paid on time. Cabot after some nasty threats continued with the agreemnt. In february 2013 they told me the account was up for review. I wrote and tol them they should not have bought an account with an agreemnt in place and requested a copy of the CCA. They said they would write to me in 40 days Today I received a signed copy of my signed
  10. I wrote to Cabot and asked for my CCA with Barclaycard and quoted all the laws to them. It looked like a solictors letter. I told them they had 12 days to answer but I omitted to send the £1 fee. Today I had a reply which says Thankyou for your request etc.Cabot Financail currently doies not have this inofrmation on file. However we have requested the relevant information under section 77 and/or 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 from the original lender. What Happens Next We anticipate that we shall be able to provide this information within 40 days. In the event we are unlikely to
  11. I really am taking premeptive action here. When the new benefit is brought in replacing DLA I am certain I will not qualify. I have reserached this and a wheelchair bound lady who can walk about 80 feet will have her car taken away as she can walk more than 60 feet. The rules are draconian to say the least.
  12. Thanks very much for that. When I used the CAB the interest was frozen and I believe a late fee of £20.00 was refunded. I took pre-emptive action to stop charges. I am not sure whether PPI was in place or not, I am not certain how I can find out now.. I will write to CABOT as you said and I ask for a copy of my original CCA as I never saw one whe Cabot took over the debt. I will tell them my circumstances if anytihng are worse than two years ago as well. I have all my old Barclaycard transactions stored on thecomputer somewhere so I can go back and check for any more penaly fees incurred Once
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