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  1. Thanks for the reply it was what I was thinking was correct but I wasn't sure. I told them along the lines of I want a like for like replacement or a new board of specified spec to accomodate my new kit. Lo and behold, they found a brand new P5Q deluxe and it has been DPD'd to me today. Just galls me that they have obviously tried this on with other people and got away with it. Good work - thanks
  2. I have recently had a motherboard fail, the board I bought was covered by a 3 year mfr warranty from ASUS who advised me to return it to Scan. I did this and as I work in the industry it was done properly and in the original packaging. Scan returned the board to ASUS who have said it is no longer working but they do not have a replacement. So one month later I receive this: Reference RMA 263248 I am writing to inform you that unfortunately the LN 22892 ASUS/P5Q/DELUXE is no longer available and unfortunately a replacement is not available. We have therefore calculated a refund
  3. I am having constant hassle from Newman after a debt with eBay. I owed money to eBay for fees while I was out of work and I paid them as soon as I started back at work. Then Newman called saying I owed the money to them, I informed them that I paid then they changed their tune telling them I owed them a £16 admin charge. I never agreed to pay anything through them and they never owned the debt, now I get three calls a day, text messages and letters. I have reported this to ebay and have a transcript of the chat but nothing has changed, despite phone calls to Newman te
  4. It's been a year to the day pretty much, and now something I thought was gone and dusted is now biting back! I will try and find documents, but am in the middle of moving so maybe a while.
  5. Hi, I am new to this part of CAG and have received a bailiff letter regarding a PCN that was incurred because my parking permit was out of date in Reading. I have contested under the grounds that the council had my relevant details in time but initially lost my application for renewal but I did not get the new permit in time after the re-application. The ticket people at Reading council said I had no case and that I would have to pay, I informed them that I would take it further but then heard nothing more regarding this until now. I received a bailiff letter from Collect Services
  6. My usual bills are around £70-100 a quarter and I pay them with reasonable efficiency, my meters are read for every bill and I have been relatively happy with Powergen for my needs. I have a small 1 bedroom flat with storage heaters (which have been off at the switch since March) and my usage has not gone beyond the same computer, washer, dryer, cooker, TV, hot water and lighting over the past year or so I have been here. But I have come home tonight to a very very high electricity bill it is £340! This bill is not even the post-winter quarter bill! I have spoken to them, we checked the m
  7. Hello all, Having posted once before to say hi, I am now at the stage where the bank have replied to my third letter stating intent to begin court proceedings. They have now written back saying that they are resolute in their previous comments regarding my charges and I need to refer to the financial obudsman should I have any further complaint. Any advice from previous experience would be welcomed.
  8. redseven

    Hello all

    I'm Rob from North Manchester and I have sent the first two letter in the series to LloydsTSB bank. I had a slow reply at first for my charges then when I asked for the money back I had two very prompt responses. The first acknowledging my letter then a very polite letter insisting that the bank will not offer me a refund. So heres to the next stage!
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