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  1. thanks again for your help Jamberson. oh Ok, I think I understand now what's the difference between PCN and NTO. There was no PCN attached to the vehicle. They have given me option 1) as you mentioned but used option 2) and sent me NTO. Regarding yellow lines, I'll try to take some pics and will post here.
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41633[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]41633[/ATTACH] Adding PCN image again. Sorry not sure how to make it clearly visible.
  3. Thanks Jamberson for your reply. Please see attached NOT. Answers to your questions 1) the time was 12:10pm but it doesn't showing any duration. 2) he asked me to take the PCN by hand or if you won't take then we will send you by post, I asked him to send by post because I was sure he hasn't taken any pictures yet and he is trying so I can accept and take the PCN. Questions: Can I ask council for picture proof or is it not required? Do you know why there is no reduce charge period as it clearly mentioned on council website? I never received any such notice where there is no
  4. Hi guys, I parked my car on single yellow line in an emergency for going to medical store because my wife is pregnant. I went inside the shop and ask for the medicine but they said you need to consult with your midwife and I just came outside the shop. This all took not more than 90 seconds and when I came outside the officer said you are late. A PCN has been issued to you, at that time he was still writing PCN, he said why you parked here and why you left your daughter unattended in the car, please take this PCN and you have to pay £65, when I refused to
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