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  1. Just ask George Osborne how to avoid paying inheritance tax like he did
  2. Congrats on getting into support group and FLIPPING HELL!!!! People are STILL migrating from ib to esa!
  3. My post was changed. Thanks for that. Anyway off topic but I remember them old WW2 films with sten guns and gestapo.
  4. Hmmm not sure its a good idea to give them your mobile number!
  5. If the rich tax avoiders payed their taxes then there would be no need for poor to get poorer with benefit cuts. The WP/CWP is brought about by idiology. £billions have been wasted in the persuit of punishing individuals for being sick, disabled and unemployed. The political middle ground has leaped to the right. Labour is no longer a champion for the poor working man or needy.
  6. @fletch Children are a right. Do you think that disabled should not have children because they cant work? Do you think that a working family should not have children in case the bread winner losses their job? Maybe you think only middle and upper classes should have the right to have children. Its a very right wing view you have there my friend.
  7. Maybe you should focus your anger on those who rip off tax payers by £millions and not the minority of poor who profit a few quid here and there.
  8. With no computer, internet or telephone there aint a cat in hells chance they would get me emailing them. My philosophy is to give them as little information about me as possible. Less hoops to jump through=less chance they can sanction you.
  9. The OP said that they would be worse off so talking about minimum wage is irrelevent.
  10. Well isnt "participation" a bit subjective?
  11. Ok so reading through these posts I come to the conclusion that it is best to recieve any gifts or help in the form of money as cash in hand and to avoid putting it through your bank account.
  12. Sorry but I dont agree that they can see anyones bank accounts. Does HMRC see the well known tax dodging large companys bank accounts? No I dont think so As for passports and the like, well as far as dwp goes I have not got any. And no I am not hiding anything I just believe that this is intrusive.
  13. @morgandlin Having worked in mental health I can tell you that it aint patronising to say that some adults are vulnerable. Ever heard of POVA? Any suggestions on what to call it without sounding patronising?
  14. It could also be argued that a mandated CWP/MWA participant may take the place of a future paid employee. If they have one or more working for nothing and carrying out the work that could require taking on extra paid staff then why would an employer advertise the job and sack the mandated CWP/MWA victim?
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