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  1. Thanks for your reply, unfortunately it ws nearly 2 years ago and bought it with his birthday money, cash and he is not even sure which shop, but thinks it was a Comet! which is closed down, my point is, as I said that I only have proof of ownership of about 2% of my possessions, the ones I bought recently so my insurance is useless if they won't pay out!
  2. Hi, advice please? I have made a claim on my contents insurance (1st claim in over 5 years), my son lost his mobile phone at a music gig, it is nearly 2 years old so he has not got the receipt just the box with iem number and charger and earphones. They say without proof of ownership they won'y pay! It doesn't mention this on my certificate nor did they say this when I took the policy out, and after thinking about it, I don't have receipts for over 90% of my possessions and home contents! so this makes my whole policy useless, it can't be legal surely?
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