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  1. Do you mean my UK creditors can chase me in the US even after I have been declared bankrupt in the UK?
  2. Hi, I live in the US and am considering bankruptcy in UK. Want to know if this would affects my credit rating in the US? Is there anyone with experience with this situation? Please help. Thanks
  3. Would really appreciate some advice please: I have moved to US and I have a UK mortgage with negative equity of about 40000. I am planning to give the keys back to the bank and file for bankruptcy. I know that the bank could potentially sell the shortfall to an international DCA who could chase/harass me in US. Also heard that they could potentially bring legal action in US considering the large amount of debt. I am going to send my keys back along with a letter stating that I have moved to US and wont be able to pay the mortgage anymore. Should I mention my US address in the letter? B
  4. No I cant. Royal mail website says I have to be resident in UK to set up a PO box and I will have to show proof of address, less than 3 months old. Wondering whether giving them my US address will make it easy for them to chase me?
  5. Until now, the bank did not know that I had moved to US. I had a correspondence address in the UK. I am going to inform the bank that I am not able to pay the mortgage and give the keys back. Do you think I should let them know that I am in the US and give them my US address? Or is it better to withhold that information?
  6. @sequency: Thank you very much for the information. I moved to US in May 2010. I am not planning to return to UK. Other issue is whether the bankruptcy will affect my credit in US and whether the OR or the court would inform my US bank or employer about the bankruptcy. Information I found on these issues have been varied. I also heard that the bank can sell the debt to US company who could chase me here in US, and this is worrying.
  7. Hi, I have an flat in UK which is in huge negative equity. I moved to US a few years ago. I am not able to pay the mortgage anymore and I am planning to give the keys back to the bank and apply for bankruptcy. I understand that mortgage is a secured debt. Can I apply for bankruptcy based on the negative equity on the mortgage? Will that be written off in bankruptcy? Or should I wait for the bank to sell the house and send me a shortfall notice before applying for the bankruptcy? Thank you very much in advance.
  8. Hi, Many thanks in advance to anyone who can throw some light on this please. I have a house in UK which was bought before the financial meltdown. It is now in negative equity of about 40,000. I moved to USA permanently in May 2010. I do not have any other property or savings in either US or UK and my US salary is just enough to meet my expenses here. I cannot afford to pay the mortgage on my house in UK any more and I don't have the money to pay the shortfall. Right now I am considering giving the keys back to the bank and filing for bankruptcy in UK. Before taking this desperate me
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