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  1. Now I see where I was getting confused! So are you suggesting I make a CCA request to the payday loan companies. TBH all my defaults have not been communicated with or paid since they defaulted, so SB should be the same time...ish. as when they drop off my credit report. Do you know if companies keep a record of people who have defaulted with them? So I had a outstanding and unsettled default with Bank X, when my credit file cleans itself up....if I went to that bank for a mortgage would they still be able to see and refuse me, even if my credit file looks squeaky clean and i have go
  2. Ah right OK, but most statute barring will start counting down after you have defaulted if you havent corresponded/paid....give or take a month or so. Because when i look at my credit file most of them stop being reported 6 years from the default date...approx.
  3. Yea sounds like a good idea, as they arent on my credit file at all at the moment as far as I can see. What is the difference between the SB and default date? As far as I understood a debt becomes SB 6 years from default or last correspondence/payment, whichever is most recent. Really appreciating your time and patience with this, thank you.
  4. Sorry Im not sure what you are saying is an issue i do not need to worry about? or what they would refund me for? I get what you are saying, that if they default me (n the correct date) it will still be 6 years from that date on SB. What would be the best way to make a complaint? Should I ask for proof of debt/default aswell?
  5. Yea I would be able to figure out the correct date from old emails. However if I complain to them will this not be me admitting liability for the debt? I havent made payment nor communicated with them in over 3 years.
  6. Yea thats what I thought as well, the were always fishy anyway with the old CFO Resolve. I dont know whether this is just dirty last ditch scare tactics or something enforceable. So you are saying keep an eye out for the default on my credit file, if it appears and it is dated after 2013....complain?
  7. That was my understanding exactly. What can I do about this? do you think they will log the default from today or from the original date?
  8. Hi all, Needing some help here. So as with many people I received redress from CFO. *This is not admittance of liability for this loan, just queries of correspondence* Original loan: £550 Original date: 06/03/2013 Before redress: 1050 Redress: 350 Outstanding: 708 Not long after being notified of this redress I started to receive collections emails, I recently received a intent to default notice, and then today I have received a default notice by EMAIL. As with many of the loans I am supposedly liable for this one is many years old and would be SB in less than 3 ye
  9. Hi Guys, Fletch.....I haven't heard from many of the lenders for over a year now (on my older debts), but they are still listed on my credit file, so they don't just disappear. Haha. I did use the money, so yes you are correct I do owe the real amount. What is the REAL amount? I need quite a hand holding through all this as everything is quite a mess, I have left it for so long I don't have a clue who most of the debts are held by now and many have been passed on multiple times. Also as I am planning on entering a DMP I understand that they don't negotiate the debts any low
  10. Hello, well to be honest I haven't done anything I am a bit useless at all this (clearly). I was in the middle of finishing Uni as well, so that kind of took priority. But now I have graduated and landed myself a very good job, so am able to start [aying all these debts off, so I think it is sweet time that I started dealing with all this. I am completely at terms with the fact that I need to repay all these debts, however I am just wondering if there is anything I can do about these specific debts listed before, as they should never have been lent to me in the first place.
  11. Thanks renegade. Any template letters? Also I was a bit confused by your last sentence there, I'm not sure what you were referring to. Also has anyone got any advice on cancelling the CPA. My DMP hasn't been set up yet as I am gathering information, I have cancelled my old card but obviously without CCCS enforcing my DMP yet I am worried that the PDL companies will dip into my account still.
  12. Hi thank you for your replies. Well the old debts have been sold on, but if I log into my 'accounts' for these companies under my old email address it still shows the old debts/a note that they have been sold on. How would I go about tackling them as this being irresponsible lending? Has anyone got any template letters. Also as I am in the process of entering a DMP (mentioned earlier) I have cancelled my visa debit with Barclays, however when contacting them to also cancel any CPAs they are flat out refusing to do it, telling me they can't do it until any actual money has been taken
  13. Haha no worries, I am just looking for a legitimate way to challenge these debts due to the fact they have breached guidelines. Wonga were the worst, on an income of £1100 (on a good month) they allowed me to borrow £550, with interest total £780, with oustanding debts with them and current PDLs with other companies.
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