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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group

    Hi All

    Good luck Alf Steve (speak soon)
  3. Thanks Barracad. Will look up the templates section to see if there is anything that loosly fits the bill and can be adapted. Warm milk on cornflakes is not good!!!!
  4. Can anyone help PLEASE!! Engineer came on Sat past to fit new compressor then discovered a leak of the gas which cant be repaired so we have to get a new fridge. Alaris are being a right pain in getting a new fridge and dont know how long it will take for a new one. I have been without a fridge for almost a month now and getting verry ****ed off. Any sugestions very welcome. THANKS ALL
  6. I recently (6months ago) purchased a fitted kitchen from Alaris and all white good were built in. Two and a half weeks ago the fridge packed in. I got in touch with Alaris to sort it out and they sent an engineer round 1 WEEK! later. The engineer found the fault to be the compressor which would need to be "cut out" and a new one soldered in!!! I am not happy that this had to be done as i would rather have the fridge replaced bearing in mind thats its only 6 months old and has only been fitted and in use for 2 months. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right ?????? I think a replacement wou
  7. Hi there Angi. How are you doing?Hope you are not working too hard? Remember a little of what you enjoy does you no harm!! A lot of what you enjoy is damm right greedy but so much FUN!!! Anyway getting back to matters in hand. As you know I live in Scotland so I handed my papers into the Sherrif Court and was told to get back in touch by a set date which was 1 month (roughly) from the date which I filed my claim. The reason for getting back in touch with the court was basicaly to see if halifax were gonig to defend or not. About a week to ten days after handing my court papers in,the halif
  8. Hi there. I sent off the same templates letter asking for a list of charges and they sent me a letter saying that it would cost me a fiver which they would deduct from my account and the list of charges would follow. Within a couple of weeks a tired and broken looking postie came stagering up my drive with a huge bundle of statements for the last five years. Seems like the halifax just please themselves as to what they do!! As Angi said you might be just as easy going into the branch and doing it that way. Best of luck with the claim Steve Denoon
  9. I sent a letter to the halifax ages ago saying that i would accept their miserable offer as part payment.I sent this letter recorded delivery and a few days later checked on the Royal Mail website to see if it had been delivered but it just said it was in the system. To cut a long story short this is an email I got from Royal Mail- Dear Mr Denoon Thank you for your email about a signature item reference number DK543481294GB. I have checked our Track & Trace details and can confirm that this item of mail was delivered as addressed on 28 July 2006. THIS ITEM WAS ONE O
  10. Hi there Angi, how is your weekend going?? Try not to worry about court because Halifax WILL NOT allow it to go to court. They know they will lose. The money is in the bank my dear (pardon the pun) I cant wait to hear in the next week to 10 days that they have settled in full. Take care, Steve x
  11. Hi cathy, I got the same letter offering an insulting amount but wrote back saying that I would accept as partial payment but would continue to go after the rest.The next day I handed my court papers into the Sherrif Court and within a fortnight they paid up. Go girl!!!
  12. STEVE WON !!!!! Hi there all just to let you know Halifax have paid up in full. Just checked my online banking last night and there it was the full amount. Showed up as two separate amounts paid in ‘CASH’ No letter or anything in the post. Just wondering what happens with the court claim?? Do I get in touch with them or just forget about it??
  13. Received Letter From The Court Today Saying That I Have To Get In Touch With Them The Day After My 'return Day' Which Is The 13th Of August To See If The Halifax Are Going To Defend Or Not. My Hearing Date Is Set For The 20/09/06. Just Need To Sit Back And Wait Now!!!
  14. Hi there lucyjames Good on you and go get your money back. Go girl Go. Best of luck, not that you need luck. This is the site to be on if you need any help
  15. Once You Send Your Prelim Letter Asking For Your Money Back Spend A Wee Bit Of Time Reading Through The Pqa's, Templates Etc It Helps A Lot And Above All Remember Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Help, As Wee Are All Going Through The Same Thing And A Problem Shared And All That! Good Luck, Not That You Will Need It
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