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  1. thank you very much Sir / Madam , i am new user here and i dont know how to attach my lease with this its all legal paper work so i can send you then may be you know he done right or wrong , and another thing aboout peaceable rentry in the premise he done it when i was not there not even shop was open what i can do for that thanks
  2. hi , i am new user here and i dont know the forum very well so please i need help about Tort Notice act 1977 ( interference with goods) my land landord issue me on 8th of feb 2013 , i have a shop and i have unpaid rent on 6th of feb 2013 my landlord send an agent while my shop was close because we open at 11 am , they came and change locks and every thing when we went for opening a shop lock was changed with out any notice or any thing i dont know can he do that by law ?? and i havent received my tort notice yet i recived an email from my landlord att
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