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  1. Was the blue screening fixed each time you had the hard drive replaced? If so then it doesn't sound like a motherboard or memory fault otherwise the blue screen would remain regardless of the hard drive being swapped. Sounds like it could be faulty hard drives fitted and/or windows/software faults which can also cause bsods. If that is the case, and they see your hard drive has already been replaced by a third party then I assume they are going to tell you that your claim is with the last third part to strip it.
  2. Soon as the third party try to bill your original providers they will flag up you cancelled and the third party will want their expensive ps4 back. You could end up being chased for it and if you use it be opening a can of worms. I assumed you signed for it, which proves you have it? Ids end it back.
  3. Lol, snowy and that tin foil hat. Thinks anyone who disagrees with him must work for the bbc. I can't just be a paying tvl customer and want anyone who does watch live tv to also pay their license. People who watch live tv and don't pay make me as mad as these capita folk do with people who don't need a license but they hassle anyway.
  4. I am usually an advocate of sky but that is shocking. I have received similar service from other companies who do not read or listen to what you are saying, so frustrating. Social media? Twitter? That would be my next move
  5. Least you check your bank statements unlike some on here who don't check theirs over a year or more at a time. I have found use through twitter lately getting issues resolved, do they have a twitter feed to report this to.
  6. Which reputable retailer covers theft anus?
  7. I doubt acer would be able to guarantee the repair until they inspected it, chances are if they saw a crack then they would to send it back to you unrepaired. Does anyone else have access to the laptop that might have damaged it but not told you? Are the any abrasions near the crack on the out plastics? Did they provide any photo evidence of their findings? If it has been found to be accidental damage, then how does soga apply? Can you claim on house insurance?
  8. How many examples or complaints there would you say there was compared to the total number of accidental damage claims in total. I still can't for one second think that these cases would be the majority, unless you can show me otherwise. I still think dxs sweeping statement is wrong.
  9. Very rarely honour claims for acc dam? I bet they have hundreds of thousands of these warranties in place and if they really didn't honour the terms of their agreement you would see more than a couple a week posting on here. I think your comment is way off and wrong IMHO.
  10. They had a way out if they wanted, they could have told me it was accidental damage or misuse?
  11. Well my tv has stopped working after three years use. I requested currys inspect it under soga, which they have done and confirmed the fault is a manufacturing one. I have a depreciation refund on its way, as the part is no longer available for my screen. Seems like complying with soga to me dx.the difference is I didn't kick up a big stink on here about it, they do comply in my experience.
  12. Come on, it hasn't blown up has it? You got lucky with b and q as that isn't the norm. Most companies will require you to prove the fault backed up with a report. Just get the report done and if it's a manufacturing fault as you claim you will the money back.
  13. Sorry to say but the onus isn't on currys to prove or disprove the fault, so why would they pay? The onus is on you.
  14. Soga also states it is down to you to prove an inherent fault and you can only do this with the help of a qualified engineer that field. You may be qualified yourself, hence the wording of the act and you may wish to prove it by providing your own report, if you are so qualified to do so. Most people require an official report to back up their claim.
  15. Sue culture mate, I blame the Americans.
  16. Yep it's actually quite clever and if they send me vouchers for money off bread coz I look at a hovis ad then I'm all for it. Surely shoplifters being weeded out by this system is a good thing? Why would they discriminate against disabled people or tattoos?
  17. How can they setup a dd without your consent? Don't they need your details to take payment? Where did they get your account no and sort code?
  18. Do you have a link for this? I doubt five seconds would be enough not to be considered live
  19. It's not the company line, it's how I see it. If I can offer help I will, where possible. He's already admitted he didn't read the documents he signed to say he did, I just call it how I see it.
  20. It was clarified at the point of sale/contract, they gave you paperwork didn't they? I am 100% certain if you read if a day or so after and went back to the store and spoke to the person who sold you the item or if not their manager and said it clearly wasn't what you sold me yesterday, you could get out of the terms. Now I think that they are ironclad I'm afraid, as you've signed the agreement. I still don't know why you think lease covers loss, if it did nobody would give back their lease item. All they would need to do is say sorry, I lost it.
  21. Are you asoe209 from moneysavingexpert, who reported this in July 2012? The post seems a lot like yours. You will less and less insurance products now cover loss, due to more and more people abusing it and staging fake incidents in order to cheat the system out of a new one. It's a case of the minority spoiling for the majority. Now it has to be a forceable theft ( I.e. Mugging). Can't say that not reading the paperwork the night or day after you took it home wouldn't have thrown up these facts, and you could have returned it during this time if you weren't happy. You don't get
  22. Electrical items do break down, that's why we have warranties etc. take it to the store and let them contact samsung or do it directly if you want the repair done slightly quicker. You won't (nor are you entitled) to an exchange or refund. Save yourself the stress.
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