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  1. The op hasn't confirmed whether he was actually caught red handed and acting unlawfully, all the advice that has followed may be aiding and abetting the problem without further info. I doubt that is in he best interest here if the op was caught watching tv. Giving false details may just make it worse.
  2. Tesco site says they will delivery to Orkney, but will take a lot longer. Not sure how a tesco van would help here though. I am assuming the op has been asked to get the unit to a store, which doesn't seem unreasonable. Or is there an issue with the repair?
  3. When you say caught on the spot, do you mean caught watching tv but you don't pay for a license?
  4. I suppose most courier firms would have issue with that though, or they would at least charge more for doing so.
  5. How can you not see the difference between hd and non hd anyway? I can never get my head round that.
  6. Ah I see that makes sense. Cheers.
  7. Could he not be done for fly tipping? Surely it is his responsibility to dispose of it responsibly or store it correctly, not just dump it on privately owed land ( not owned by him)? I would just give him a letter saying he has seven days to remove it or you will remove it. Just call local scrapyard who will collect but give less money, but that should be no skin off your nose. Regardless of whether it's blocking access, you don't want the car on your property so why should you have it there?
  8. I am not saying the driver wasn't in the wrong here, but can you really be prosecuted on the balance of probability? I thought police needed clear and concise evidence to prosecute. That is why you see so many criminals get away with crimes they have clearly done, but because there is no evidence they get let free on "lack of evidence".
  9. It doesn't matter what your company did though really as we are talking about a different company, aren't we? The fact they screwed him in the first place with the plate and finance was reason enough to waive the charge even if they had to make one IMHO.
  10. The security staff didn't start it, you did by committing fraud. Surely you realise you have done wrong?
  11. If your dad got the court paperwork he should have notified the courts rather than leaving it surely? I know even if you appeal it now it still doesn't halt the recovery process. You are better off paying the full amount and sorting it out after, it's better that than them seizing goods from your dad to pay the debt.
  12. My advice is to pay the fine so the charges don't increase. Then lodge an appeal with the courts tho if you were guilty I am not sure if this would be successful. Did you not get any court summons?
  13. Helios - you serious. Providing that account is accurate, and there is no reason to think it isn't, how does any of that excuse the managers attitude to it. It is obvious their company policy to provide a car whilst yours in under warranty and getting repaired, so why try and con the customer out of money. it can't vary from branch to branch, maybe from company to company, but that isn't the case here is it. Also I wouldn't have let it go them trying to charge you for the plate and extra for the finance, I would have got that sorted right from the get go. The brakes as well, shocking ser
  14. If you watch live tv when in the uk then you need a license, if you never watch live tv then you don't need one.
  15. Never heard of a hp toshiba though? She didn't purchase a toshiba, just a hp pavilion dv9500, the tosh won't affected by the nvidia issue, but the hp will.
  16. Surely your issue wasn't just to get it booked in. Did they want to run tests over the phone? What was the issue you were trying to get across?
  17. Problem is virgin just doesn't compare to sky's hd and 3d stuff and they know it. If you want the best then sky is the only option. Yeah I've checked my bills and I will be paying 47.50 till April when my deal runs out.
  18. I had mine set up last April and got half price for 12 months. I haven't had mine bumped up, yet...so I don't think they are hitting everyone with it, I suppose it depends on what deal you were started on.
  19. Surely the ops girlfriend had right of way in either scenario? If you are on the road that another car is trying to join, then you have right of way over that car. Surely the fact that the driver went into the side of her shows she was there first. Only if a car way coming the other way would she need to give way and I don't think that this is what happened.
  20. They could have doubled it to cover petrol and gogw, but they haven't done that much wrong here I think....
  21. They always charge a month in advance, not sure why a payment was not taken in jan to spilt them up, but surely you expected to pay for dec/jan usage? Basically the only extra you are paying for in February front, can't see the problem?
  22. On my bill it shows entertainment extra plus with sports and movies hd, so it does appear to be outside the standard hd pack....
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