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  1. Hmmmm you have to trust your manager, if you don't trust them then it could create personel issues that should be addressed. Every time I have asked for time off for hospital appointment, I have shown them the letter. Not least as it shows I am not taking the wee wee, but it also means that work can make adjustments if necessary to support me in dealing with the illness. If you do tell your manager and word gets out then, you can raise a grievance, but if you genuinely don't trust her then you should make this clear to your managers manager if there is a trust issue to resolve it.
  2. I assume he wouldn't be unless he made it clear at the point of sale that he wasn't sure if the laptop was for him. I would assume if the customer has gone to the length of reserving and collecting, that they had already done their research and decided. I guess it could be construed as patronising or trying to create a hard sell if you ask a someone if they are sure that this unit is really for them. I always try before I buy, everything, even down to something as small as an iron. You have to make sure it is comfortable to use and these kind of stores have the items all laid out for a re
  3. I guess that is why the laptops are laid out in the shop for everyone to try before they buy. One of the main reasons there is still a need for bricks and mortar shops up and down the country.
  4. Mental agony? You knew you paid the bill so you also knew it was a mistake, did you really let that worry you? Yes the local authority made an admin error, but will all the cutbacks happening at the moment, trying to sue them for money they don't have isn't really going to be good for the greater good. Surely it's going to just more mental agony trying to chase something for nothing.
  5. Nothing would have ever come from the letters, not sure exactly if they will see fit to compensate. Now if you'd have had someone show up to remove goods, then I would say you have more of a case.
  6. But it's not a dsr issue is it dx? surely if it's not then its our duty to advise accordingly, not every poster on cag gets to hear what they want to and sometimes you have to advise accordingly. Or should I just post saying to write to the CEO and don't give up? That won't help the op in this case. Facts are facts and I always advise based on those facts, across all the sub forums. See if you read that link I posted, you will see trading standards agree with my answer, are they not for the consumer either?
  7. Are you sure that primark cannot press charges afterwards? They have the CCTV I am guessing of the op stealing, so surely they can prove the accusation and bring about a prosecution retrospectively? Or is there a time limit to be able to press charges?
  8. http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/threads/distance-selling-regulations-where-is-the-sale.271140/page-3
  9. Yeah, sorry I mis-read I thought she had only been employed for 12 months. Drs notes aren't necessarily mitigation, but if she can show she did everything possible to attend work, she might get lucky. Is there any other mitigation that she can mention in the meeting? Worst case scenario is that warning may only be there to let her know her sickness needs to come down going forward, which hopefully she has every chance of doing.
  10. Yeah but you can not reject goods simply because you don't like them which is the case of the op, they have to be faulty or not conform to contract right?
  11. I guess it's down to luck of the draw. You don't ask you don't get, but they are not obligated to.
  12. Will this come to pass? Can't see the government stopping it IMHO. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/iplayer-users-should-pay-licence-fee-says-bbc-director-general-tony-hall-9158293.html
  13. What will the op do if the sar comes back with genuinely no reference to the op's notice?
  14. I agree, it totally depends on their absence policy which your friend agreed to by signing a contract. You essentially agree to their terms. Let's not forget as well, anything under two years and they don't even have to give a reason to end the employment, it seems harsh to me, but I guess fair.
  15. I can see why they are bottom of the customer service surveys. It's just taken 6 months to resolve a complaint where they wouldn't update a wrong opening read on our gas account which lead to e.on giving us an incorrect refund. We were owed a lot more back from e.on but couldn't get it due to Npower giving e.on a wrong start reading, way over what it actually was. They came up with a reading completely wrong after we had given them actual readings three times. we finally get to the root of that issue and they have now just caused us to get a bill from e.on for our old
  16. Does distance selling come into play if you collected in store? Did you pay in store? I have just read a post from trading standards which says that the distance selling regs don't come into play with collections as the customer has the chance to inspect the goods in store.
  17. Surely there will be official call records that would prove that the op phoned to inform them of the change of circumstances.... If not then then I don't see how an "official error" can be used as you cannot prove that the council were at fault here.
  18. Sounds like it....maybe go self employed Or through an agency so you can do part time
  19. I've never been asked for a copy of my driving license in over 13 years of driving and having my insurance renewed online each year.
  20. Exactly...... if you could google search any manufacturer and you will find unhappy people with any brand. You can't please everyone, but you are looking for a percentage of units per 100,000 or so that fail. Apple won't have many. Don't get me wrong, in terms of reliability they aren't top, but they are a long away from the worst. They are very durable and I have seen some laptops take a huge licking and keep on ticking.
  21. Surely if their letter they send you suggests it can be returned via post then of course the interpretation act applies.
  22. Bt infinity or virgin cable are the two most reliable sources of broadband and worth the extra.
  23. Warrenbuffet, do you have any facts or links that back up your unrealiabilty claims of apple?
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